September 14, 2013

At home already

A precious little Sophia is at home already. She and her young mommy is doing really well. Praise God!

When we took away Lena from the hospital, there was made a Hospital Discharge for her and her baby.
I do not know how it is in other countries. It would be interesting to know ... But here in Ukraine, where her mother with a newborn baby is discharged from the hospital, the employee may make a solemn discharge, of course with the consent of relatives or friends. Everyone decides for himself whether he wants it or not. Certainly, we wanted to have a special event for our lovely mother. :)

There were many different wishes and congratulations.

A woman has arranged a fun lottery. Everyone pulled the card, where it was written, who will do what for the baby. 

Take to the zoo,  nurse in absence of parents, be a sponsor, sing lullabies, etc. It was very funny. 

 All this happens very quickly, within 10-15 minutes, but stayed pleasant and joyful memories.

But at home, a pleasant surprise waited for Lena. We bought a crib, canopy, a blanket, a mattress and everything need for a crib.All is not new, but in great condition. We haggled with a woman, that would be even cheaper to buy it all. But when she learned that we buy for an orphan, she has lowered and sold out by a very good price, and gave a several new different bottles for the baby free of charge. Yay! What a joy!

We have set all and decorated by balloons. Everything turned out great! I really like the crib and everything in it. ;)
"Wow! This is so beautiful!", our young mommy cried out, when came into the room. She was so impressed and so excited and started to hug everyone. :) We were so glad she loved it and  she was happy!

She immediately had put a little angel there, who slept so peacefully. Isn`t Sophia precious? :)

She is our little princess, who deserves the best what we can give.She is such beautiful gift from God!What a wonderful blessing she is for her sweet mommy! ;0)

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