August 4, 2012

Dismantling and cleaning

 While we expect when a windows and doors will be ready for Valya`s house, we solved everything to clean round the house and to dismantle all old and unnecessary. As the house is deserted, round it a lot of greens, weeds and unnecessary trees grew. To walk there practically it was not possible. There was as in the jungle :) Therefore we solved all unnecessaries to remove round the house and in the house and to prepare for installation for new windows and doors.

It was sunny and nice day.
 Our dear sister in Christ, Valya was very glad to have helpers. ;)
There was a lot of work.

 It was hard and very hot

and fun in same time. :)

We were so excited to see how everything became looks better.
Also we got acquainted with neighbors and I think it will be a big testimony for them there.God is good!

It is interesting, that all who were there and helped our dear teen girl. These are all or former orphans or only graduated an orphanages. It is interesting to see and it is amusing, what the Lord is doing. How He led us together for His glory! And I LOVE that! Our Lord Jesus is awesome!Isn`t He?

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