August 14, 2012

They are NOT homeless any more!!!

Guess, what is the building and who will live in it? :)))
  I`m so glad to tell to you that we found the apartment for Sasha and Olya and they are any more the homeless! They will have a roof over the head, where they together as a family can live and create their sweet nest. They are saved from street life!!!What a great blessing! We are soooooo glad for them! Praise God!We are so excited that by your kindness and open hearts the three souls will be saved from street life! Thanks a LOT to ALL for involvement for your prayers and donations, sharing the links and other. We raised $920, certainly it is necessary even much more. But we could rent the apartment, to pay per two months (this rule) and to pay to agency. The owner of the apartment, is nice woman, that was important for us also.
So, please, continue to pray we can raise necessary funds what need to our precious souls, Sasha, Olya and darling Edick.

Ok. Let`s  I will conduct a small tour to you around the apartment.Hope you will enjoy :)

 When you enter into a building you can see these steps, on  which can lift on the floor necessary to you. There are nine.
 ...or you can use this lift, thank God, is operating. ;)  Sasha`s apartment is on five floor.
 It is an entrance to the apartment.
 It is a small corridor of the apartment.At the left on a picture is white door, it is the small storeroom.
 The storeroom inside.
On following picture is the happy owner of the apartment. :)
The entrance more to the left leads to the hall or the main room, the entrance is slightly more right, on kitchen. And is even more right, where white door, it is a bathroom.
The view of living room is on the other hand.
From the living room it is possible to quit on a balcony
 ...where there is such view from the left side
...and from the right side. It is great that nearby there is a market, where they can buy groceries and they shouldn't go far.This is gray not big building on the right with a yellow band.
 It is kitchen
 View from other side
The bathroom
Also there is a  playground for sweet Edik.
 View of  market(shop) from the main side.

 If you noticed, the apartment is without furniture. Sometimes it meets. We were going to orphanages these days, but our plans changed, because our dear souls, Olya and Sasha needs to be settled urgently there. Therefore we will need to find necessary furniture in the next few days.Please, pray for this too.These kids absolutely have NOTHING, so we need to buy a LOT of different things there.I will share with you of pictures with furniture also.Can not wait to do it!
 Thank you!Thank you!Thank you everyone for saving these dear teens!!!!!!!Thank you sweet Friends to giving them a chance to have a hope, future, trust, faith in Jesus.We are so grateful for love and mercy of Jesus Christ to these kids.God is so good!!!

P.S.I`m so and so and soooo sorry whom I did not reply yet on your emails.We are super busy here.And sometimes I absolutely have not time even to sleep well and enough...I read all emails and will answer as soon I can. Please, forgive me...Many thanks for understanding and patience!

Love and hugs to all!


  1. What good news! I am so thankful to learn this, and to see photos of Olya and Sasha's apartment - I know they must be thrilled.It will be a cute place when they get it fixed up a little, and the location is so convenient.

    I hope it will be easy to find furniture for the apartment - are there good used furniture stores or maybe outdoor markets with furniture nearby? Here, there are many weekend sales in people's yards and garages, and that's a good way to find inexpensive furniture, dishes, glasses, rugs, curtains, etc.

    Thanks again for sharing this good news!

    Susan in Ky

  2. Im so excited to see how the Lord has provided!!!!~Trina


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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