August 7, 2012

Tears of joy

Dear our beloved Friends, our God is awesome and soooo good!It`s just amazing what He is doing here and it brings tears of joy and praise and glory to the Lord Jesus.He is worthy of praise and adoration!!!

We have huge blessing which I would like to share with you all.

We have one orphaned teenager Misha.He accepted Jesus Christ 2 years ago and joined our Church. All this time he prayed and wanted to find his older brother Sergey, whom he didn't see 10 years.

Here is a short testimony.

After orphanage graduation, Sergey couldn't find the brother many years. People humiliated and offended him, because he is not such as all, other... Mocked and sneered on him. He had difficulties with work. The head promised him to pay 1200 hryvnias($150US) per month. He sometimes paid to him 1000 hryvnias($125US), sometimes 400($50), sometimes 100($12.5) and sometimes 10 hryvnias($1.25US) per MONTH!!! How to live?! Problems with dwelling... The loneliness, disappointment, misunderstanding, isn't present friends etc. He started to drink alcohol and smoke with despair.

 As the result, several days ago, Sergey, brother Misha, wanted to commit suicide because of many problems and trials in his life...He thought many times about it before.
Once he climbed up the 9th floor of a building that to bend down and to commit suicide. He didn't see sense in life, it turned out nothing, why so to live and suffer, he thought. And already made a step forward to make this awful decision, but something stopped him.

Days later Sergey accepted Jesus Christ in the heart and understood what it was and Who stopped him from this awful decision.Lord Jesus stopped him by his grace and mercy! What a miracle!
And literally in SEVERAL days Misha and Sergey met!!! Oh, my!After 10 years!But it is not so simple as relative brothers, but as brothers in the Christ!What a GREAT joy!

Misha is in a white T shirt at the left on a picture. Sergey is on the right on the photo and he is the big brother.
Sweet Friends, all our church cried and rejoiced to this huge blessing, listening to this short testimony how our God is a miraculous and wonderful. What can be better when sinners accept Christ Jesus finding in Him forgiveness of sins, salvation, the peace, rest and hope. Hallelujah!!!Praise the Lord!!!

  Now Sergey wants to accept a baptism in our Church which shall take place this Saturday August 11, if the Lord allows. Also some orphaned teenagers wish to be baptized and join our local Bible Baptist Church Charity. I cannot describe the joy we have on seeing this!

Our dear friends, it is simply amazing and God's love and mercy is so great and so good. Tears, tears of joy, run on my cheeks and such perfect joy fills my heart. Prayers are capable to work wonders. We are so glad for our brother Misha how the Lord miraculously responded to his many prayers. He is sooo happy and so excited for his brother!

 Also our dear friend and the brother in the Christ Vova, also found his mother, whom he did not see many years. Vova is very happy!What an awesome blessing for our brother!!!

We would be so thankful, if you will pray for the forthcoming baptism in our Church which shall take place in 4 days that the Lord send good weather and everything arranged. Also for our dear souls, which wish to execute a  commandment through a water baptism.We are so excited!
 "The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:" (1 Peter 3:21)KJV

Also please, pray for our pastor Misha, for his health. He has now troubles with health and suffers a lot. If he will not be better, we should postpone a baptism and all events that makes inconveniences and some problems and it decelerates all ministries.Many thanks, sweet Friends!

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