April 2, 2012

Our boys

I`m so exciting to share with you what an awesome visit we had with our precious boys!The meeting with them was simply perfect last week.They were sitting and listened so perfectly quietly that it even was unusual to us.

This time we told them story about Abraham how God tested him that he sacrificed the son Isaac.(Genesis 22) We spoke about Abraham faithfulness to God.

When we sang some songs with movements, we had object lesson.
At first we showed them baby's clothes for kids that we have. We asked them,for whom it is intended, how things are called etc.We took simple clothes that they could say what is that. Then we asked of boys or they heard when ever that a woman of 90 years (grandmother) gave birth to the child? How do you think, is it possibly?

Then Nadya told them this story in very simple way.She did wonderful job! All children listened very attentively. Blessing was for us also that a lot of teachers could listen God's Word.Them not were smaller than 7-8.It was awesome blessing!
Also we noticed that some of them even sang songs together with us. Isn`t it the blessing ? :)

During history we played with our sweet ones. Learned them to count and develop their imagination.

  At the beginning we gave them grains of sand and they tried to count out. But there could count only a few boys as the majority of them aren't able to count. But most of all we surprised, that was seemed that they were afraid to do it. Also they took part in it not unsure. But we were impressed that they told correctly that grains of sand count out we can not, because it is unreal.
  But most of all children liked to place stars.They were so excited to play at this game!They were so sweet and precious! Then we counted stars and asked boys. Whether we can count stars in the heaven?

 We gave to children the practical job that them would be easier to understand and imagine this scripture.
"And said, By myself have I sworn, saith the LORD, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son:
That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; 
And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice."
(Genesis 22:16-18)KJV

  There was very interesting moment. When we started to play this game and called a first boy. His teacher told, he understands nothing and he won't make this job. We told that is fine and there is not anything terrible, we will teach him. 
  After all for the child important not that he reached the purpose or not but that he took in it a part. Certainly pleasures on much more when the child achieves the object. But if him not to involve in anything, he won't learn of something. There are a lot of children who are smart and a lot of things can do. The help only is necessary to them. Unfortunately some teachers don't understand it or don't want to understand... It breaks our hearts. :(

But what a surprise of the teacher was when this kid made everything simply perfectly! He showed that he not "such" how  they think. He is the capable and smart boy. He loved so very much to locate stars that was ready to attach all of them.  Isn't he lovely? :)

Here we played game to learn a Bible verse.Our boys hung out paper clothes where the Bible verse was written. Then we learned it. They very much liked this game and excited to play!It was fun!

And at the end of the meeting we made a craft, Abraham with Isaac. On the craft the verse was written,which we studied before. Oh, how our precious boys rejoiced and admired, when made the craft and saw result of the job!It was awesome!

Blessing was for us that all teachers who were present, also helped children with crafts.

Kids were so much impressed who we helped with craft!As they love very much to make crafts or something by their hands.Boys were sooooooo much happy!!!

We gave candies in the end.

We love these boys and they are so dear to our hearts.It brings us such blessing and warms hearts, seeing smiles on their faces and how many pleasure and joy they receives. Can be something wonderful than it? :)


  1. I loved seeing the boys putting up the stars! Makes me want to cover an entire wall with black cloth so they can put thousands of stars and planets up. I am glad that you are able to give them things to do and create.

    1. I would do the same with stars:) Yes, we are very exciting we have this possibility and boys love that.

  2. It was so precious to see the smiles on their faces in those videos!!! They were so proud of themselves, and so happy!

    1. Yes, Jennie, they very happy to take a part in any game or acting.It`s such a blessing to see them smiling!


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