April 26, 2012

With teens about friendship

Here is updating about one more meeting we had with teens recently.We had wonderful time with them!As all time, God is good and blessed us by great time with those who are need Jesus Christ too.I won't speak here much because of lack of time.As I would like to tell more about other meetings also.

 We had Bible time.Our the focus of the conversation was about friendship that Jesus is the best friend. It was sadly that some of kids have not friends.It`s heartbreaking...It`s heavy to be without close friend(s)... :(

On picture is Nadya telling Bible story about David and Janathan to teens.They love it! They were amazed that Jonathan presented to his friend so many gifts.

 Also we had fun time
 Teens love to play! :)
 But most they loved to shoot the arrows!They were excited sooooo much and everyone wanted to try how to use bow!We call this game, "to be as Jonathan".
As from the story about David and his best friend Janathan we know, he presented bow to David because he delighted much in him.Jonathan is great example of friendship.So, teens were as Jonathan, shot arrows, when he was into the field. (1 Samuel 20:35-42)
 Boys were amazed and thrilled!

 And girls also.
 We had great time with these teens!

 As orphans are lack of shoes or they have it in horrible condition.
We brought these summer shoes which we had left from mental institution.
 Aren`t their smiles are precious?
 We were so excited to bring this blessing to children!What a joy!Administration of this orphanage was very thankful!

 Thank you so much, dear friends, for your prayers!God cares about orphans and provides shoes!Thank you so much for your support!We appreciate any your acting to help orphans here.What awesome God we serve!

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