April 30, 2012

Purchases to graduating kids!

I`m so thrilled to tell you how our Heavenly Father and God of all gods, blessed us incredible!
We believed that the Lord will bless our trip. But how, certainly we couldn't know.And anybody can't know it. But we rejoiced that at last we can make it!
A day before our trip I saw this picture and it so encouraged and blessed my heart.

 This day was so beautiful and sunny, when we did purchases. A warming came to Ukraine very quickly. This day was near 30`С(86`F). Wow! We were so glad of the sun and warm. We rejoiced and thanked our Creator who has created Earth and all what is on it and this wonderful sun.

With your help we raised up $1.135.Wow!That is great!Thanks everyone!

So, for $750 we had to buy kitchen utensils to all 80 teens. And for the rest $385 we were going to buy blankets. We  were not sure up to the end how many we can to buy blankets because we didn't know precisely the price. We assumed probably 28-30 things. We calculated that 1 blanket will cost about 100 hryvnias($12.5 USA) Well, probably 80 hryvnias($10). And that we even drove away such thoughts because in our city, blankets which we wanted to buy, 1 thing costs 140 hryvnias($17.5). Anyway we were very excited and hoped that the Lord will provide and bless.

At the beginning we looked for a place where we could buy blankets to orphans.
 Where we bought, this is that place.
 Can you believe that we bought here blankets by 65 hryvnias ($8.12)??? Imagine our shock when we asked the price for blankets. We asked again several times or it is the real price, probably was heard. "Are You serious?"we asked. Believe friends. We couldn't believe our ears! NEVER, never in life we couldn't think that we can find blankets so cheap!!!WOW!
I would like to add that all we bought wholesaled. It`s cheaper than at retail.

 Can you imagine how we were excited and were amazed by God`s leading us to this place?!!!Praise the Lord!!!So, we bought 50 blankets!It`s not 28-30 as we thought!Oh, my goodness!What incredible blessing!We could not believe!

Such happy and amazed, we laded and carried to our transport.
And there was still small blessing. Workers who works there, helped to bring up to the van. Not in every place you can get help and service.
Oh, dear Friends! Your blessings were SO great that we had to look for other van. :))) As in our van it everything wouldn't be placed. We were very glad that our friend agreed to help us free of charge with transport. We were so glad that to us wasn't necessary to pay for van rent!What a joy!

Then we bought kitchen utensils.
On this photo, saucepans are packed and brothers are ready to carry.

 The seller is packing cups for our children.
 It`s how looked the complete van when we bought already all necessary for graduates.It`s looks impressively!
Tired, but with full heart of pure joy, we went home.We were so glad to God's blessings and guidance of the Lord that didn't notice fatigue!  :)

As we were hungry very much, we stopped in the small town on picnic, near the small castle. We often stop here to have a meal and go further as the long road awaits.
This place very beautiful and romantic. :)
The fresh air, sunny heat, green grass, quiet river. A wonderful place for small rest.

 Other side of this castle.

 O, I thought probably that you will be interesting to look how the Ukrainian villages look. Here is a short video. I`m very sorry that it very much shakes. It everything because of the road.

  Dear our beloved friends, faithful sponsors and all participators in this project. We would love to thank you warmly for your many prayers and support. We had a successful and blessed trip. The Lord kept us on the way and granted many blessings. All glory to the Lord! Thanks a lot for each cent and dollar!
  Thanks to you for your open hearts to these orphans to help with their needs, we could have such great trip. Thanks to kind people from several countries of USA, Ukraine and Canada, we could make reality of this purchase! We are so exciting that people from other countries join to this ministry and take part in lives of orphans in Ukraine!God expands limits! What a blessing!We appreciate each your help and prayer!We cherish your  support VERY much!

It is not all what we are going to present to graduates. I will tell you a bit later when I be ready :).

One of these days we will pack gifts to graduates and I will surely share a pictures with you. :0)
Lots of love from all from BOM!


  1. How wonderful that you were able to find the blankets at such a low price! I'm so glad.

    I love the pictures of the castle. I would like to go and see that!

    1. Thank you!We were so excited also.

      We love castles too. :)This castle really small, inside there it is empty also anything interesting isn't present. Many places are bricked. But we have many amazing and beautiful and so big castles in Ukraine.

      Here are some of them http://www.uaproperty.com/index.php?-M=page:Great_Ukrainian_Castles/

      and here are all castles and palaces in Ukraine http://www.zagorodna.com/en/useful-information/castles-palaces-fortresses-of-ukraine/ :)


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