September 15, 2017

Two more souls

A week ago we had a great event in our Church, this is Water Baptism! Yay! Two more precious souls expressed the desire to follow the Lord Jesus and declared this to the whole church, friends, the Heaven and God! So very excited!!! Praise God!!!

 Alyona and Sasha(on the right on the picture) accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior some time ago. They both are orphans. For us this is a doubly special event. Sasha is the first deaf person in our Church and very much hope that not the last one. ;) Pastor Misha began to study the deaf signs. Interestingly, he never knew the language of the deaf. It was difficult for Sasha to understand certain moments from the Gospel. God is so good! Brother Misha began to learn the signs and taught Sasha the Christian signs to deeper explain the Word of God, not only to the young guy, but to many deaf people in the future. Sasha was amazed! :)

 Please, pray God bless in this matter and send all that is necessary. And also for our sweet Yana, who works hard to witness the deaf. That God would apply the saved souls to the Church, not only among the hearers, but also among the deaf.  :)

Please, watch this short video. Sorry for the technical errors. We have a problem with the computer.

 Oh, yes! We had to order lots of huge pizzas to feed everyone! Lol

 I love this expressions of joy! ♥

We had such a wonderful and beautiful day!


  1. What wonderful news - so uplifting when prayers are needed for many wonderful American families now encountering difficulties with special needs adoptions of much-loved children due to last-minute changes of U.'s regulations.

    Pray for better understanding of why such children are wanted and greatly loved by their adoptive families, and of how many children with special needs are thriving and getting the services they need after being adopted.

    I met over 150 of these kids and their wonderful families at the Reece's Rainbow "Family Reunion" (of adoptive families) last June, right here in Kentucky!

    Thank you so much for BOM's inspired work with orphans and orphanage graduates in your country. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    love from Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to two college freshmen from U.

    1. Ah, thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers, Susan! It means so much for us!
      I`m glad to hear you met many kids and families at the Reece's Rainbow "Family Reunion". So inspiring!
      Much love and hugs!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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