July 12, 2017

Journey and impressions about US(2)

Continuation of my journey to the USA...

Oh, how I was surprised to see the Ukrainian-Russian store in Washington! I immediately recognized the faces of Ukrainians or Russians. Store, food, nature, ukraine or russian-speaking people. For a moment, I felt like at home. ;)

Silver Falls State Park in Oregon is a waterfall lovers paradise!!!

The waterfalls are stunning!

It's hard to explain... But it's such an incredible and amazing feeling, when you walk under the waterfall! Terrific! I felt so very happy to experience this!

They are huge!

It was so fun at Olympic Game Farm!
Not only is there a pretty incredible variety of animals(buffalo, deer, elk, bears, yak, llamas and many more) in this little park, you can feed them while driving your car through it! I dreamed to see a deer near to me. This time I saw their incredible variety! Spotted Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, European Fallow Deer and others. Super excited! They are so beautiful! 

A lot of these animals are rescued from bad situations which makes me extra happy to see them livinging at this beautiful place. 

Buffalo got his head straight into the car!!!

Oh, Hoh Rain Forest...I could not believe my eyes when I saw this beauty! Just unbelieveble! It always rains.

This huge moss on the trees creates an impressive beauty and it seems that you are in a fairy tale.

 I was amazed by the silence of this forest. It was terribly quiet just heard as the drops fell down.

This is amazing place! It has blown my mind! God created this forest sooo very beautiful!

Kalaloch Beach. I also had the opportunity to see the ocean again! Awesome!!! I was super excited! It is very different from sunny California beaches. :)

It was a storm and a strong wind was blowing. It was quite cold. But this is a fascinating and breathtaking place...

It was funny when I watched the huge waves...

Suddenly, in a moment I was in the "middle" of the ocean! Wow! ;) 

The tide began. I thought I would be wet till the knee. Ha ha!

Ruby Beach...In itself the awesomeness of nature leads the souls away from sin and worldly attractions, and toward purity, peace and God.

It helps to grow into a deeper relationship with God by seeing many of the beauty that are so plentiful in God's creation.

It was so interesting to visit the store Dollar Tree. I was surprised that you can buy so many different things for a dollar! Wow! It really helped us with Baby Shaver what we had recently! It was fun sent supplies to my homeland. So I already have the experience of sending a boxes from the US to Ukraine!Thanks to our generous and dear friend!

Never in my life thought that I could be in Seattle!!! Wooow!It was awesome ride by ferry! It was an amazing feeling, a delight and an unforgettable experience!!!

Diver! Diver! I do not believe my eyes! I was so thrilled like a child!!! I guess I'm the only one adult, who made a photo with him. Ha ha! It's hard to forget the crazy Ukrainian girl. Later he met me at  Aquarium and said that it was fun to have a picture with me. And of course, took a photo of him again but without his diver suit. So neat!

 Aquarium in Seattle is amazing and so beautiful place!It's so cool not only to see many, many different fish, a huge octopus, interesting jellyfish, but also to touch the starfish! Yay!

It turns out that the seals teeth need to clean also! :))) The show was interesting.

The most I loved to play with a seal!!! I was delighted and super excited like a child! Look at him! Isn't it cute???

Watch a short video :)))

Dozens of seagulls overpowered me, when I fed them. It was crazy but fun!

Famous tourist Public Market Center was a lot like Ukrainian bazar :) But I never seen so many seafood and so big lobsters.

Oh yes! I could ride a monorail! It is so amusing!

The view from Space Needle is breathtaking!Wow!

When you look at the huge city and understand how small we are as ants before the universe. How insignificant we are in the eyes of almighty God... And how He is so good and merciful to us all sinners...

I had a blast and amazing time!I'm so grateful God greatly blessed me with this incredible time to see so many, many beauty and praise Him for His goodness and grace!

Thank you for your time and patience while reading this long post. :) I wanted so much to share the huge blessings and great joy that filled my heart! I hope this brought you joy as well!

Then I flew to Pennsylvania. To be continued... Next blog post will be much shorter ;)


  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2017

    I am so glad you saw so many beautiful places and had such a wonderful time! I have only been to the northwest once, when I was 15 - but I saw some of those same sights, and seeing your videos and pictures brought back lots of memories.

    I will be seeing some of your other American friends at the Reece's Rainbow Reunion next week - will drive over for a day, since it's in Kentucky once again! I hope you will be able to attend someday, too.

    Praying for blessings and healing for the situations you mentioned on Facebook - so thankful that beautiful apartment was found for the Kozaks and Yana!

    love to you and all at BOM,
    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to two from U. - who will start college this fall! Time flies!

    1. Hi Susan!I`m very glad to hear seeing videos and pictures brought back lots of memories for you. How sweet!
      That is so wonderful you will attend Reece`s Rainbow Reunion!
      Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers!
      Much love and hugs!


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