October 10, 2016

Thanksgiving at church

Yesterday our local Bible Baptist Church Charity had a Thanksgiving. It was such a lovely and beautiful day!

In Ukraine, it is also called the Harvest. But our Church celebrates Thanksgiving but not harvest. Everyone in our church thanks and share a testimony of what God has done for a year in his life. Mainly Protestant churches celebrate this day in Ukraine and every Church decides itself, when to celebrate this special day.

It was so fun to prepare and decorate with the young people, who are great helpers!

Preaching of our Pastor Misha was great that touch the hearts of many. The songs, testimonies of young people and their gratitude to the Lord melted and warmed the heart...

The hall was full and there were no seats. Awesome blessing!

The corridor was filled with childrens trolleys, so we had to find a new "parking" for the youngest newborns. Ha ha!

Every year is special. So this year was special also. So, we are grateful to God for the many new young people and many children :)

For those, who have returned to the Lord.

For those that you see how life changes. And many, many other wonderful and amazing blessings! I wish I would have a time to share about all!

Zhenya become such a beautiful young lady! Precious smile. ♥

 We are so thankful to bro. Kevin, who sent us new tables from U.S., what help us in many ways. :)

And paper plates, napkins sent from U.S.  made desks look very pretty as well. Everyone loved it!

 After the church service, we had a lunch or supper of love, where everyone can fill their bellies as well as the hearts. :) Our church consist somewhere 70% of the former orphans. Basically, all malnourished ... So for many it was a special time. 
Every Sunday our church feeds the hungry orphans. But during the holidays more food than usual :)

 "Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? "
(Isaiah 58:7)

Everyone had a lovely and beautiful day. Outside was cold but inside was warm and sweet. No, we do not have heating yet. It is very cold in buildings now! But it was warm because of sweet and lovely spirit. In the end, all former orphans receive food, fruits and veggies. All were happy :)

But again. We would NOT have so many wonderful blessings without your precious love and generous support! So, we THANK you ALL for your astonishing God`s love, tender care and fervent prayers!!! Thank you VERY MUCH!!! Much love to all! ♥

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