January 8, 2016

The most wonderful day!

What a wonderful 2015 we had! Wow! Looking back, probably not enough of a day to say everything, how many amazing things happened! God has been so very good!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much that you were with us, were participants of many wonderful and amazing blessings, prayed with us about the wonders showing your care and love. Huge enormous thank you to you all!!!! We pray and hope for your cooperation and participation in this 2016 New Year. :) 

But here I would like to share with you the great joy that should have told you in the past year!Sounds funny, even it happened several weeks ago. :) Since we are trying to solve a problem, to find a way where we could receive funds that would continue to support the orphaned children. The problem is not only in PayPal. Our situation is more complicated that there is no way to get the money at all. The search for a solution to this problem takes a lot of time! Yikes. So I have not had the opportunity to write on the blog before. Prayers would be greatly appreciated that God lead us to the right place and open the new door. Thank you!!!

So! God has given us the opportunity to take to McDonald's another group of girls from the orphanage! Yay! The 8 beautiful young ladies. No doubt they were looking forward to this special day and every day running around and exciting, asked the staff of the orphanage when this day would come. What staff told us :)

So, finally it happened!

Before McDonald`s, we went to the supermarket, because the sweet souls had never seen a huge store with a large assortment of food and other things. They were confused, their eyes were running and did not know where to look. We have also taught them to use weights as the group before. The girls were in shock. "Wow! I never thought that there is so much food! And that's all people are buying?" :)

Absolutely everything was at the first time ever for the young ladies! The first outing of the orphanage, the first among people, the first store, entertainment and all, all, all! They were confused and restraining at the beginning. But after a while, they began to express their feelings and delight.

The young ladies did not know how to use the escalator and some needed the help. Honestly, I thought that someone would fall and be injured. They were scared. But thank God nothing happened!

They were overjoyed and amazed after the ride in a car! They love it!

So, so much joy and delight! :)

We played bowling.

Table tennis

 Having fun on the trampoline!Yay!

Oh, by the way, it was their first in the life basketball. They don't know how to play it and volleyball also.

You should have seen their joy when they could get in the basket! :) Go, Lesya!

 And many other attractions we had. Everyone was already tired. But they still wanted to continue to play! It was so amazing and so very fun time!

 Finally, McDonald's! Awesome! What is it? they pointed on Mcnuggets. Chicken? It looks weird :) Why the drink such hot? drinking a Coke asked another young lady. And why is it so burns the tongue? She meant gas bubbles. :) Why does it need the ice in Coca cola? It needs to eat? asking girl started to eat ice. And where is fork for french fries? :) and so on, and so on.

   Precious souls asked many of these questions and did not know how and what to eat.Not surprisingly, it is the first in the life Mcdonalds! They were thrilled!!!!
  About ice. I was confused and asked these questions, when I was in America. I could not understand why need to add ice in the already cold drink? Ha ha! It was funny, when some of our friends arrived in Ukraine were disappointed that they could not find an ice to make cool drink. Ukraine is not the country air conditioners and you will not find the ice in a small provincial town. In villages generally do not. :)

   Girls were so upset when we said goodbye... :( Can we stay still? Can we stay here and do not go back to the orphanage? ... 
   A few weeks later we visited the beautiful ladies at the orphanage again. They just flew towards us!!! Everyone just ran, hugged, kissed rejoicing and screaming.  It was the most wonderful day of my life! I was so excited that I could not calm down for several days. I was so impressed! Thank you very much! Will we go again? I was thrilled and I never thought that you can spend a wonderful day! Thank you so much! and so much more we heard and it made us smile and happy.

Many, many thanks to those, who made it possible and brought so much joy and happiness in lives these sweet young ladies!  My love to all! ♥

When our turn? When are we going? the next group of girls asked us. :)

It cost around $15 per child. If you are interested to bless next group of 8-10 girls, please, email bibleorphanministry@gmail.com for more info. Thanks. 

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