January 22, 2016


Dear Friends we ask you urgently pray about healing and God's favor about little girl Lisa, PLEASE! This little girl is in very and very critical condition at children's cancer hospital today. She has hemorrhagic vasculitis and struggle with it very much. Every day poor Lisa has a high and low fever, belly hurt, she can not eat, vomits. Little girl has lost weight and was exhausted from pain and suffering. Today she has a very low pressure. A year ago it happened a relapse and started to hurt the foot and joints. Doctors treated and did everything possible but Lisa got worse. Few days ago she received a blood transfusion. Lisa has very poor blood clotting, it can be revealed thrombosis and bleeding. Today  the bleeding from the nose started...

Her mother can not help, because there is no money, absolutely nothing. Olga, mother of Lisa, graduated from orphanage some years ago and does not have someone, who could help her. In addition, a younger daughter Anya stay at home. 

On the picture Lisa is the oldest girl with her younger sister Anya.

Olga is our sister in Christ.Young mother voluntary helped us in the orphanages some time ago.

Next week Lisa have to travel to Lviv to another specialist doctor because doctors did everything they could in the local hospital ... But the little girl is getting worse every day. Olga will not be able to drive in bus with Lisa because she is very sick and weak. Also, these days are very cold and frosty. Need a car bring them to the hospital. We are ready to help but need money. This poor family needs money for medical tests, for treatment, for food meanwhile Olga will be in Lviv with her sweet daughter and other expenses. Olga has not a penny, and she is in despair... Imagine how you would feel that your child is in high risk to die and you do not have any penny to save the life of your dear soul? Especially Olga herself is an orphan.

We do not know how to help Olga ... So we cordially ask you to help save the life of a little girl Lisa... We do not know and it is hard to say how much money is needed. But every donation is very valuable and life vital for Lisa! We still have no way to accept donations in another way. The only way for today is Western Union. And we have one more option, PayPal. Please, email bibleorphanministry@gmail.com for more info.Thanks.

If you can not help, would you please tell others about the need? You can become a wonderful blessing and life saver for little girl! Can we support our sister in Christ in her great need, feel Christian love and care, please? It is URGENT need! Every day is matter!

Olga is hoping only on God and teary praying about miracle. No doubt, we will update you about everything is going on with Lisa`s health! Thank you!!!THANK YOU all very much for prayers and any participation! 

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