December 26, 2015

Wonderful gifts to the young people

What a wonderful, wonderful blessings the young people received last week!!!! Praise God!!!

Love Olga`s smile :)

Lena was so excited!

They all were overjoyed as little children. Hmm. But who don`t like gifts?! Ha ha! ;)

Great helpers helping mommy and daddy to unpack gifts :)

Their joy and delight was no end!

Even Elijah was so happy by gifts that would not let anyone carry a box of gifts!!! It was so funny! The box was heavy. I have no idea, where he had the strength to carry this box! He is so little but so strong! Sweet kid.

Zhenya who never smiled before. Now she enjoys life and grateful for every gift from above.

Precious, sweet young souls... Please, remember them in your prayers, for their physical and spiritual needs.

We are so grateful to our generous friend, brother Kevin, who works very hard all year long that bless our young brothers and sisters in Christ such a wonderful and amazing gifts. Our thanks never will be enough how the young people were happy and amazed! Thank you very much!!!

Thanks to brother Kevin :)

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