January 20, 2016

One more year of hope and safety!

Hello everybody! We would love to thank you all who participated in our last Project
We are so very excited that sweet Kozak family with their 2 little kiddies and Yana will have one more year of hope and safety! We are so very glad that many precious young souls will have a place to stay for several days or so, when they need. What a great blessing that kids will not stay hungry and young adults will get the most necessary medical help. Yay! You are AMAZING! Really. We have raised all funds less than a week! Wow! Awesome blessing!

Thank you all, who prayed and donated! Thank you all, who shared the word about the Project and was with us at this time! Thank you to give them a special gift, a housing, hope, safety, care and love! THANK YOU to all many times!!!!

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