January 17, 2014

New Progect-Gifts to Teens

Do you remember I shared with you what a great blessing we have received? We decided to divide, package and give these awesome blessings the kids. But packaging gifts to sweet souls in orphanages, we found a problem. We have nothing to give to teenagers, older guys and girls in orphanages!

Part of the gifts we have already packed and prepared for younger kiddies.

But what we will bring to sweet teenagers? :(

Workers and directors in each orphanage complain that there is not enough personal care items to children. Kids often do not have shampoo (one bottle of shampoo to the whole class)!!!, one bar of soap for the whole class as well (20 children)!, the older girls and boys no deodorant, etc. So our desire to bless the necessary things and fulfilled the needs of these precious souls. Can you imagine what will be a joy to have a personal bottle of shampoo, shower gel and deodorant?

Last year, when we gave out gifts and those deprived of many things the treasures, were overjoyed! Thanks to your donations and love, many and many hundreds children and young adults had a memorable day and got great joy. It was something amazing to see happy and shining faces!!!! :0)

And so this year the need and desire to bless 240 adolescents and young people in several orphanages. This is 62 teens- girls and 178 boys teenagers and young people in the institutions. Yes, we have lots of guys this year! :)

We need to raise $1,300 to help hundreds of precious souls and bring joy. And we have only several weeks!

Please, will you take part in this project to bless, even an one soul? For each child necessary $5.4. Every $ is greatly appreciated and may not only meet daily needs, but also to bring great joy to the hearts of hundreds of young souls!

We kindly ask you to share by this project, everywhere it is possible for you...Also, please pray we will get all we need...

Your gift of love you can send through BOMs` PayPal thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com .On the right side of the blog, you will be able to see how much it has been raised through Pitch In(green).

THANKS a LOT for your participation!!! May God bless you and fulfill your needs!

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