December 17, 2013

Soooo many blessings for many precious souls!

Well. I do not know from what to start... Because my heart rejoices and triumphs! :) We all are blown away and amazed by the grace and goodness of our Heavenly Father!!!BOM received a LOT of gifts to orphaned children!Oh, my!It`s AMAZING and HUGE blessing!!!!!

We received huge 6 boxes!

Where were these wonderful and amazing things for girls...

and boys

clothes and blankets

many so beautiful dolls
 and food

 And then some days later, we received again 6 huge boxes!Amazing!

so many different goodies

 lots of food again!

love these cute pajamas

And even different blessings to staff BOM. So sweet :)

Some sweet souls already received these awesome blessings!

We were able to visit family of Zhenya. She was so surprised and soooo happy receive so many things!

It is so exciting! When we visited Zhenya we met there her classmate Tanya, who graduated an orphanage this year. We very hope will see her soon again!.. We meet more and more graduating orphans. It is so sad to hear their sad stories. But it is so awesome to see what the Lord is doing!
It is interesting that we met Tanya in perfect time!God is SO good!
I also have a very good news to you about Zhenya`s family :)

On the picture Tanya is in black jacket. Sweet girl. And in the middle, happy Zhenya. Love her precious smile!

Then we could visit Lena. Who was so glad and excited by gifts also!

Also other precious souls, Sasha and Olga Kozak, Yaroslava and Olya  received amazing blessings also.

They all were sooo thrilled and amazed!Oh, my! It was priceless and sweet observed for their impressions :)

There was so great admiration, delight and funny phrases. But we loved the most when. Yaroslava(in white T-shirt) was amazed that she always has found more and more socks. And always said, "Oh, I have so many socks!Oh, I have more socks!Oh, my!I have even more!" Also when Olya Kozak(in pink) was surprised to find a sausage there in the box. And when in the end, the same Olya Kozak asked. "Is this from Kevin?"(the man, who sent all these blessings). When she heard, yes. She said: "Oh, I adore him!"So, all laughed. 

Also they all were looking for a letter or postcard from brother Kevin, who sent it all. When Yaroslava asked, "Have you read your letter?" Olya said: "Oh yeah, where's the letter or postcard?" She was so excited and so impressed, when found it in the box. As you can see on the video. So, so sweet!

Special thanks to brother Kevin for these so many HUGE blessings and such generosity!

I already posted pictures and video on Facebook. But not all have opportunity follow on FB. So, I decide to share with those, who unable to follow on social network. Hope it blessed your hearts also :)
I am so sorry that not always able to share all events here.

Also the organization "Share the Lovies" blessed BOM about 100 stuffed animals! Yay!

Can not wait to share this wonderful blessing with kiddies!Special thanks to family Branscum, who made it to happen!

We are so humbly blessed and grateful for ALL your gifts, boxes and such great support! Our hearts SO thankful and bring glory and praise to our Saviour and Father of orphans!!!!Oh, my.This all is AWESOME! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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