January 14, 2014

First Birthday and Gifts to Teens

 I love this precious and happy smile!Isn't Olechka looks happy?

Our two lovely Olga :0)
Olechka loved this lovely bunny so much and said it is biggest toy she ever received. And only third toy in her life...

Precious girl is ready to cry... Why?I tell you.Oh! It so deeply touched our hearts.
Can you imagine that NO one, EVER congratulated you with a Happy Birthday during 19 years? Think. What you would feel, if you received, sweet gifts, lovely wishes and warm words FIRST TIME in 19 years old?..

When we sang her a song "Happy Birthday!" She started to weep...Sweet girl.Such a small thing, such a small act of love so deeply touched her heart...

Here only a small piece of video. When she is ready to cry, hardly holding back tears. Such a sweet girl.

Then we had a small Birthday party.
Olya Necheporuk(our precious student, as we call her :)), said: "It was the best Birthday in my life.No one ever congratulated me with my Birthday..." Think. First. Birthday. Ever...and No one ever congratulated.

This young lady is so sweet that  takes care of her brother, who still is in orphanage, where she has been a year ago.

Recently she visited the orphanage, where she helped BOM team to hold a meeting with kids. It was such a blessing! And this sweet soul visited her brother Paul. Or Pasha as she calls him. It was such a sweet and lovely moment.

Such precious and calm girl, who needs lots of love and attention, what she was deprived in childhood...

I thought...Maybe someone of you will want to show to this sweetheart God`s love and care by sending a special box, any gift, as a toy, any clothes, any game for teenager girl, something for her long hair or any goodies for girls. Or just write a nice note with Bible verses to encourage her. Or probably someone will want to be her sponsor, showing attention and love? Whatever God will place on your heart... That she did not feel lonely, but beloved and having  friends, who care about her.It would be such a blessing for her!

Also, maybe someone will be interested to bless graduates of orphanages, about whom BOM cares? To send gifts and we could give them for Birthdays. This can be a personal care items, shower gel, soap, shampoo, deodorant, socks, towels, lotion before or after shaving for boys, any face cream or body cream for girls, hair clips or rubber bands for hair girls, games for teenagers and young adult games. Many girls just dream of having some big toy! Anything. This would help us to save money. Since the toys here are very expensive. Also I think it would be so nice to get a gift from a friend for - abroad, America or Germany, Canada or Great Britain or Switzerland, etc. :)

Trust me they LOVE receive gifts! Hmm. Who do not like receive a sweet note or even a small gift? But those kids, who were deprived so and so many things in childhood will appreciate your attention, efforts, care and love!

Here, you can watch video of some of them, their admiration and impressions. How Olga Kozak was excited, when she found a simple post card. She "knew" there was something special for her. :)

Think.Your letter or some gift can bring heartfelt tears of happiness and joy, and sink deep into their hearts forever.Or your special gift can make this special day of Birthday special forever. Orphans DO NOT celebrate Birthdays in orphanages! As they belong and joined to our big BOM family, our wish to make this day a special and celebrate together with them. Can we do it together? :) Thank you very much for your participation. God bless!

P.S. Sasha Kozak soon will have his Birthday, the 19 of January. Maybe some one will want to congratulate him? :) Thanks for your kindness.


  1. I love all of your recent posts about the older, graduated orphans. It is so good to know that some have found your church and have found some friends. I loved reading about the New Year's party and the young man that was invited in. It was just like the scripture you shared. And I loved reading about how everyone ate the next day and took extra food home with them. Beautiful. I would have loved to be there with you all. God Bless you all!

    1. :) Thanks a lot, Sabrina! God is doing something amazing with older orphans.Several people have emailed us from U.S. and it seems that we have to take a few more to support orphaned teens. God is awesome! :)


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