January 25, 2014

A medical help and adventures

Thursday was cold but sunny and beautiful!On the way in the morning, we could enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Everything is just wonderfully!

Especially beautiful was when the snow sparkled in the sunlight.

It seemed that the trees shedding by precious stones, diamonds and pearly. I just think, how in the Heaven will be much more amazingly, breathtaking and stunningly! :)

We went to Kiev.Yes, in these terrible days, what is happening in this city right now. No, we were not afraid, absolutely! Since we knew that this mess occurs in the city center, where we were not going.We thought that on the road will stand armed police.What will stop, check the documents, ask who we are and where we're going, etc. We were ready for it. But on the way there was no one, only Auto Inspection, who controls traffic disturbances. The road was perfect!
Life in Kiev goes on, people work and live as before. But only in a VERY tense situation, as shared with us, one of the capital's residents.Keep praying, friends!

So, why we went there?We planned to take our Olechka to the good doctor, but we had no idea that we will go to Kiev to a awesome specialist and a candidate of medical sciences, and that it would be in a foreign clinic! One very kind person told us about this clinic and besides also helped pay for the medical testing of our mommy.Wow! What an amazing  blessing!!!!!!
I am so excited to tell you about our travel and experiences!

So, God has led us to American Medical Centers.(AMC)

When we went inside, we were amazed at the cleanliness, beauty, and everything was new. It is very nice. Everything is so different from our government hospitals, where everything is old and destruction. When a patient sees all this, it seems even more depressing.

It was so nice on the table was fresh flowers and apples. Since during the day we were hungry, did not have time to eat, because we were busy. This was a blessing for us. But even more surprised us, when a lady offered us a hot tea! Really?! Surprising, as we have in the government clinic, you will not find even a glass of clean water for free. You have to pay for everything. :)

We had an appointment with the doctor. By registering, the doctor came out and met us. Such a blessing that you do not need to sit and wait for several hours in the queue as in state clinic. Sometimes 1-3 hours. And it happens sometimes that you can wait half a day, and have not got to the doctor, because a long queue or ended his day and he needs to go home.

The doctor was amazing! She was so kind and sweet!And she also liked her patient, saying always that she is so lovely and nice girl :)

Our wonderful doctor giving an excellent consultation ( never seen before that the doctor in such detail explained everything to his patient ) . Making some medical examinations, Olga passed some tests . Oh, yes, we  accompanied Olga everywhere, as she needed help. We went to another clinic that would do an ultrasound of our baby and some internal organs of his mom. Since the AMC does not have yet the necessary equipment to do it for pregnant. AMC took us in their car. Wow! Another lovely surprise!  A very nice and lovely nurse accompanied us always. Amazing! So, our driver, brother Misha, was waiting for us, as we were "traveling" with Olga. :)

So we were brought to a new clinic ilaya. Service and view inside, everything is just fantastic!

It was very interesting to see these streaks or lines, yellow, pink and violet on the stairs and the corridors of this institution. Each strip is in the desired direction. For example, a pink stripe leads to doctors, yellow leads to assisted reproductive technologies, etc. A woman- receptionist shared with us that women often go for pink line, and the men in blue(there is more line), thinking that it is for them. Funny. :)
There are many interesting and surprising.

Look, whom we saw doing ultrasound! :) The babe-boy is so beautiful and precious! We could see him in 3D-4D functions. It was so awesome to see all his bones, how he was moving, how he opened his cute and small mouth. Olechka was so excited to see him! I never thought that at this stage of pregnancy, 29 weeks, you can even see the baby eyelashes and eyebrows. Isn't it amazing? So, it was a bit experience for us as well. :)

Having passed all the required medical examination and passing all the tests. We finally tired could eat. We were so pleased that the cafe that we love :0) where Ukrainian traditional cuisine, there is next to the AMC, in grey big building. Wow! We did not have long to go and look for, and only 5 minutes to walk. What a blessing!

Our precious girl was so excited!!! After all, she had never eaten at the cafe and it was her first life experience!

It was just an AMAZING day, the service and the staff at AMC, simply  AWESOME!We had so many precious moments and blessings! We have been so excited!

I have great news for you! First, that "our" precious little baby is healthy and developing respectively his age! Second. Our mom finally hemoglobin rose to the required level! Yay!!! Praise God!!!!!!!! What an amazing blessing! See, what God is doing and answers your prayers! :) 
But there is no good news. Thanks this clinic, we learned that Olga has still some problems.I'm so glad that the doctor so responsibly and in good faith reacted to her work!The doctor that examined Olga was not happy, what she saw. Since our girl passed the tests, we'll know the result next week.Would you keep praying for Olga, please?

Our sweet mommy was overjoyed and amazed by service and adventures at this day! She always admired, was surprised and said, "I can not believe it, wow! I can not believe! My parents never cared as much as you do it. You are so kind and attentive to me." She warmly thanked and was so happy. It melts your heart....
 The words swirled in my mind that I recently read in the Bible. (Luke 17:10)"So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do". I love these words! :)


  1. What good news! And how amazing to see Olechka's beautiful little baby. I am so glad all of you, especially Olya, had such a wonderful day, with such kind and thoughtful doctors and nurses and other hospital workers helping in so many ways. I hope all of Olya's remaining problems can be successfully treated and overcome.

    You live in such a beautiful country - we have similar snow here right now, and it's very cold, too, making me feel like I am in your country instead! Keep safe and warm, and thanks again for letting us know how well things went. All of you and your country are in my prayers.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Yes, Susan, it was so exciting and interesting to compare the service of private and government clinics, what is a huge difference!Praying for our sweet mom.

      Really?! That is interesting.How much degree do you have now? We enjoy to have a snow! :)

  2. It was warmer here on Sunday, and sunny, which was very welcome. But it's going to be very cold again this week - possibly ten below zero Fahrenheit by Tuesday morning! It snowed Saturday, and there is still snow on the ground, though a lot of it melted today. I made vegetable and beef soup today, to be ready for the cold weather that's coming. It was very cold here last week, too - our public schools were closed all week because of the cold, and it is extremely cold in most of the eastern United States now - we're getting weather straight from the North Pole, it seems.

    A friend of mine who has a farm in northern Kentucky near the Ohio River has over twenty five miniature horses that she must feed and water each day - they have to stay in the barn when it's cold, but some of them were able to go outside today. It's a lot of work, but she takes very good care of them. I just have to take care of my cat, fortunately :-)!

    We are very ready for spring here, but will have to wait about two months.

    Stay warm and safe-

    Susan in cold Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from EE


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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