September 28, 2012

Bible story to small ones

Hello to everyone!I had not blogged about a week. Oops! We stay busy as all time.

We so excited and so glad to see new followers of the blog!Thank you! Hope you will enjoy our ministry for the Lord Jesus and it bring you joy, encouragement and many blessings. :)

We are so blessed  had the opportunity  to visit small our treasures this week.We had absolutely amazing and such wonderful day and visitation!God is so good to us!

When we only arrived girls started to run together from everywhere. There was a lot of joy, hugs, questions, kisses.Everyone was sooo glad!!!
Because of a lack of time we had a meeting only with smaller children. The older girls were very upset that we couldn't hold a meeting with them. But nevertheless we all were glad of the meeting.

So, this time we told to our dear small friends Bible story about the tower of Babel. All of them sat so silently! It was amazing blessing for us!

 But at the beginning we congratulated, who already had a Birthday. You would see their shining eyes, when they received gifts. How they rejoiced and admired!
 After all nobody doesn't congratulate them there and gifts doesn't give. For these children it is BIG pleasure, to receive this beautiful and cute blessing from Lord Jesus.Thank you, friends for sending these blessings to the orphans and to bring a joy in their lives!
Look at this precious smile!
 When we studied with them a new song that a name of Lord Jesus is a strong tower, they had a possibility to listen and take active part during the story. Some kids helped to build the tower. They so were excited!

 Then they pasted stickers to big picture.It is good game helps them to study and distinguish to distinguish forms of drawings. They very much love it!
  Also by means of bricks or squares of a different form, the children built a tower. By means of this game we learned with them where a bigger and smaller brick.And they did very well!

 It was amusing, when one girl sat silently and it seemed didn't pay attention to all events in room. When we took her in this game. One caretaker told that she understands nothing and won't distinguish where a bigger or smaller square and is useless to take her in this game. But she was surprised that this girl found a square of the necessary form! :)

After learned a Bible verse with our small ones...
 we had craft project.
 They love very much to make crafts and so excited!

This sweetheart wanted to make picture  of her with her finished craft.Oh, you would see how she were excited to see her face on camera! :) It`s so and so funny!We love them so dearly.And we thank God for each possibility to have a time with them.
During the meeting with these dear kids, in a corridor the door was open, where several caretakers sat and could hear the God's word also. We are so glad that they can hear everything what is written in Bible! Isn`t it a blessing? :)


  1. Yes! It is a blessing and a smile to my face to see such happy children learn about God and how much He loves them. It was so nice to know they were remembered on their birthday. Thanks for going and sharing with everyone this joy! xoxo Praise God!!!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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