March 5, 2012

Updating for all visits

Here I would like to share with you updating in our ministry for the last some weeks. We couldn't visit more often orphanages as earlier because of the happened troubles. But we continue ministry bit by bit.God is good and merciful to us! And we could had Bible lessons in several orphanages and to visit orphans with the program within these weeks. I was going every day to share with you, but appeared more and more affairs. And so at last I can share with you of blessings which we have.
 I won't describe in details each trip as usual, it will occupy for me a week. :)  I would want VERY much, but for the lack of time I can't. Therefore I will tell shortly about all.

 Here some pictures from different meetings with children.
 Vlad answered questions on story about Samson, with grips in hands.

 Next picture.Sasha has meeting with teens.

 Children are making a Bible craft.
 If you have noticed, children here dressed in the jacket or coat . Because was cold inside when there were cold days in Ukraine. I don't imagine how they slept...Nights are colder.
But now is much warmer.Praise the Lord and thanks all for your prayers!

 The next picture where Nadya played game with children. Who from children has given the right answer on a question on history about Samuel. Had the right to feed small Samuel with blindfolded eyes.
 It was very funny and amusive, when children pasted a small feeding-bottle in a wrong place.They LOVED this game!

And we have a huge blessing! The orphanage administration asked us to help with medicines both necessary medical and personal care items.We were SO glad that the Lord has sent in time the finances and we could bless the orphanage! Administration was VERY thankful and happy!
Friends, we are very grateful to you for your help, care and blessings which you send. You don't "realize" what huge value you have in the help to orphans,those who need the help and care.You would see joyful eyes of orphanage administration. We are VERY grateful for ALL your blessings and prayers!

The following some pictures are about how we have visited orphans with special needs. I will share several pictures. Because I really love these pictures of these kiddies. They such sweet and precious and make me smile!We had a great time with them at this day!

Aren`t they cute?

 All of them wanted stickers on their hands!

We were able to bless orphanage with diapers little bit.

 Here I would like to share about a great blessing.Do you remember this lovely and charming child?We have asked that you prayed for her(in the end of post) because she ate not well. Sometimes she had days when she ate NOTHING. All nurses, caretakers and administration worried, didn't know what to do with her.
 We could help a little with pills which were necessary for her. But we prayed and asked you. Guess what has happened? The Lord has heard our prayers! She has started to eat very well and she eats everything!  The medical aid isn't necessary to her any more! Our Lord is mighty and awesome!!!Praise the Lord!

Last week we could visit 2 orphanages also. I will try to tell and will share with you faster as I can.Huge thank to all of you for your support and prayers. We VERY much appreciate it and we glorify Lord Jesus!We love you all!Blessings! If I could, I would give my hugs to all of you! :)))

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