March 22, 2012

World Down`s Syndrome Day 2012

So sorry this post is for the next day, today.I had a problem with server and could not upload video yesterday.

Here is a very simple video of our precious and beloved kids to share with you friends to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.
We are very thankful to each of you to being part of this ministry and you bring joy and hope to these special children.
We pray that these orphans who can be adopt will find the gift of loving family.And we pray for those who can not be adopt we will be able to share with them our joy and love.

They are so precious, honest, so pure and kind, with open hearts to receive and give their love.They melt our hearts with their smile and they so sweet and lovely.
 We love them and they bring so much joy and blessings in our lives when we able to see them.We pray we can make their life much better with God`s help.
Thank you for your faithful support, your love, care and everything what you do for them!
We are blessed to be part in their lives, bring a light and hope and make their lives happy if only a little.And we are so blessed to have everyone of you involved in this wonderful ministry :).


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