March 25, 2012

Quick update

I`m very exciting to tell you that we had shopping and we were able to buy a lot of stuff for orphans!I have soooo many to share with you how God blessed us.I will share with you of pictures and say in details about our trip.But it`s will be little bit later.We have to finish with all things to the end.

Here I would like to share with you last visits of orphans at 2 orphanages.I will do a quick update because do not have much time and I have to tell you much more.

At Friday we had not Bible lesson with orphans as every time.We needed to decide some questions with director etc. So, we had fellowship with kids.Every time we come there, every time children ask us that brother Misha come to see them.Especially boys.They love much when he plays with them.Friends, you would see how kids were happy to see him!They simply flew up to him to give hugs! It was very sweet moment.Oh, how they excited!

Children often ask us to bring Bibles to them.We pray we can bring them children`s Bibles.At this time God blessed us and we could to bring them New Testaments to learn and read.

Oh, how they were happy to receive this gift!We did not expect their such reaction.It blessed very much our hearts.We had amazing fellowship and also God gave us opportunity to witness to teachers of these kiddies. We were so blessed!God was so good to us at this day!

Look at these precious happy kids.Are not they sweet?
They are so dear to our hearts and we love them so very much!

Next day at Saturday we had Bible lesson in other orphanage.God blessed us by wonderful meeting and amazing time with kiddies also!

Here kids received their Birthday gifts.Here I would love to underline that it`s very important moment during our meeting with them.Children LOVE VERY much these gifts.
When we only come to orphanages, without having entered yet into a class(room), children run to us and already speak that they had a birthday. Also they look so lovely in your eyes expecting the response or they will receive a gift. Children very much wait gifts! Think, what you would feel if nobody in your birthday congratulated you, didn't present gifts, a card, warm words etc. Recently (a month ago) I had a Birthday and I was very happy to hear congratulations from people dear to me, from my sweet friends, to receive gifts and to separate our dinner of love. It was remarkable day! It is a lot of memories and the pleasant moments remained in my memory and heart forever.I was very happy this day!

But what they feel at their Birthday?Nobody congratulates, doesn't tell warm and gentle words, doesn't grant gifts and doesn't share the sweets, a pie, balloons etc. Trust me. Children feel lonely this day and it seems that nobody loves and all forgot about you. You simply are necessary to nobody. Very sadly. But fact. :(
Knowing what they feel our desire and the decision was to grant them gifts on how many it possibly. Children are very glad and VERY much appreciate it! Sometimes even in a month beforehand they speak that they will have a Birthday.

We would be happy to receive toys, games, dolls to bless orphans, to bring a blessing from you and joy to them.

Thanks to those, who send toys and do this day special in life of orphans, brings pleasure and love.Thanks for your love to kids!God bless you!

Here we spoke about David and Goliath. Children were delighted simply when saw Goliath! They were impressed so VERY much and interested. Who this guy? they asked.It was so pleasant to all this unusual visualization, that even teachers came to look and listen to history.

Game.Who gave the right answer on a question of history. Had the right to throw a stone into Goliath as David.We made stones from old papers.

 Game to study the Bible verse. Children shall overthrow  a big stone, "Goliath". With help by of small pebbles.

Who did overthrow down Goliath, had the right to open a word of verse. Then we studied it.

Children love to receive and give their sweet hugs. :)

Craft with children.Everyone was busy.

Also Sasha and Lyuba had meeting with teens at this day as well.They had a good time with children also share the Gospel, singing songs and had fun.

We had a wonderful time with children at this day!God is so good!We love these kids and thank God to be with them, share the God`s tender love and His great kindness and warmly.

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