March 28, 2012

Our beloved ones

Here I would like to share with you about wonderful visit we had with girls with special needs last week.
God blessed and we had such perfect and great time with our beloved children!

In the beginning we had Bible time with smallest ones.We had absolutely great time!They sat and listened so silently and attentively as though tried to catch each word told by you.They rejoiced to each game or action.They all are so precious and lovely!

As this time we told to small kids story about Noah. Here we played game. Where they blindfold shall place an animal than closer to an ark door.It was very funny and amusing!
 They selected an animal what wanted and placed it on an ark. It was also good possibility to repeat which animals they already know and to learn the new.

But before game we told them story about Noah also a flood.They loved pictures so much!

Also we give them stickers as reward for something. They admire and rejoice them VERY much!With joyful faces and shining eyes they show to everyone, that have sticker on their hand. :)

 Also we studied a new song with them about Noah with movements. They such lovely and amusing when sing. We admire them! Aren`t they precious?

 And at the end as usual we did a craft with them. Animals on a wooden stick. They very much liked this craft! It is very simple and to children very much is pleasant.They were excited  to do this craft!

Some children aren't able to color and use pencils. Therefore the help as always is necessary.We take their hand in the ours and we learn them to color.

This girl that sits next to me is so lovely and delightful. When we only arrived, she directly pulled me to herself that I would sit near her. Unfortunately she doesn't talk. But we perfectly understood each other.

At the end when we did the craft. I nevertheless sat down near her that to help. So she was so happy and glad that very much pressed my hand to herself and hid from pleasure.
I took her hand and learned her to color. You would see how she was happy and how she rejoiced!

This time there was other teacher. It was interesting that when we distributed to children pencils and preparations for the craft. The teacher said, no isn't necessary! to this child don't give. She isn't able to draw and won't be.She said that about several kids.
 We told her, that is fine. All children to draw when we come. And we give to all children of preparation(printed on paper) that they would work. How she was surprised having heard that all children draw(even she works there many years)! Also she saw that those children who never drew. This time they held a pencil in the hands and diligent worked on the project.
It seems that with our arrivals of the teacher will see that their children can do and on what they are capable. :) We noticed that many children who didn't know how to use a pencil, when we started to work with them. Today they perfectly draw and rejoice to their operation. Those who didn't know how correctly to hold scissors and how to cut. Today they cut. Yes it isn't absolutely accurate, but they learned that. We are very glad that children study if only a little with our visits. Oh, how we would love to teach their to many things! But there is time for everything... There can be a Lord will bless and we can make it in some day...

Do you see this cute and precious girl?
I think that you already guessed that she is small Masha who was shown on ABC News for an moment.She is such sweet girl!She is very smart, learns new things very quick, she loves to give hugs and receive them.She is so precious!!! If I could, I would take her to my home.We pray that Masha will find a lovely family forever.I`m sure parents will not be sorry.Masha is very special, with such lovely heart girl.

Isn`t she a little angel?When I asked her, who is on a craft. She answered correctly that it is a lion. But on Noah she told that it is papa(daddy).Awwww! It was so sweet! Papa where are you? Your little girl is waiting for you.

At the end we presented gifts to children at whom there was a Birthday.
 They were very happy!

Look at this precious smile!!! She is such happy by her gift!

After that we had Bible hour with older girls.We also had wonderful time with them.

After we sang some songs we played game. Where girls competed among themselves who the first will drink milk.It was very funny!
Then we showed them children's clothes and it there was a preparatory part to Bible history about baby Moses.

After that we played game. Where they shall help to rescue Moses moving a basket down the river, answering questions on story. We made the river and a grass from paper. In a small basket placed a doll who was Moses. Girls very much liked this game.They excited to play at this game!

But most of all they liked to play the following game where we studied a Bible verse with them.
Those who got a ball to a bucket, had the right to burst the balloon. Where in the inside there was a word to the Bible verse written on piece of paper.
 So we played while found all words of a verse which we wrote on a blackboard.
You would see how they rejoiced that to burst a balloon! There were so many emotions, pleasures of delight and an applause!It was great fun time!

And at the end  girls did a craft, kid Moses in a basket. The craft was simple therefore they quickly finished  with that. But to some girls the help nevertheless was required. Anyway all were happy and excited that we were together!

Not many girls were this time. As many of them were sent to hospital because of their mental diseases :(

But we are going to visit this orphanage again soon. :)

Ok.In next post I will tell you about our shopping we had and all details and pictures of our project, Gifts to Orphans.I`m very exciting and have SO many to share with you all! So, coming back soon! :) Blessings!


  1. Sandie FlanneryMarch 28, 2012

    It is so wonderful to see God's love reaching these girls through you! I love the activities you do with them as they are very developmentally appropriate and fun! You have a special gift ministering to these girls! God Bless you!

    1. Awww.Thank you Sandie. :) All glory belongs to God.He loves them.We are very happy to minister them and thank God for each moment to be with them.

  2. Beautiful to see the girls! I know that your love and kindness to them is helping them grow.

    1. Thank you Lily!They are very special to our hearts.I would be daily work there if I could. :)

  3. Love this post. The girls are so beautiful. I was so happy to see Miss Masha in the post. We're praying for her family to find her soon!

    1. Thank you so much sweet friend! Masha is so precious and kind little girl with such lovely heart! She is so smart and bright! Our hearts are broken about her that she is there but not in family.It would such great blessing if her mommy and daddy found her.


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