November 23, 2011

Oh, how they just precious!

I am completely blown away by a blessed day we had today!!!We just admire what an amazing and good God we serve!!!We glorify and praise Him for his merciful to us and such kindness!

God has blessed and we could to visit today orphans in Children`s Home. I even can not tell you how we all (kids and BOM team) are happy by this visit! I`m so exciting and thrilled to share with you what we did there and many blessings we have! It was something incredible! Wow!

 Do you see these sweet faces who are singing a song?They are cutie ones with whom we spent time today.

Yes, we had puppet show.We sang several songs.It is the scenery of back side of our puppet theatre.But before we had program we had a fun time little bit with kids while we were waiting of other children who were going to this room.
We took one-two puppets and just looked out of theatre often and puppet has hidden her face very fast.Also puppet was laughing and did other acts.Oh, how they laughed!They liked very much puppets!
When all children arrived to the room, we began our program.

This cute boy played Jonah.

When kiddies saw a whale they were amazed! They spoke: "look at this whale!" "Oh, how he is huge!" "Is it big dolphin?""Wowwww!"  They loved whale sooo MUCH!

Children were much impressed to hear cry of sea-gulls and whales when we turned on they could to listen.They listened of history so attentively!
Next was our game, where they answered to questions about Bible story.They liked very much to pass on a whale to next when music was playing.They gave answer to all questions!We admire by them!

But there was such funny moment, when we asked them where Jonah was hiding from the Lord?One of kids said, in bushes.We all, children and staff were laughing.Are not they sweet and adorable? :)

After we repeated song we learned before, we played beloved already game by kids.Oh yes, to catch fish by numbered. This way we learned a Bible verse, as you already know :)

Look at this cute little girl how she is happy!

 Do you see how many of them wanted to play? :)

 They were so very much excited and enjoyed to play this game!

We added little a new rule this time.When a child catch a fish, turtle or what we have by numbered, he/she should to show this number on blackboard.This way we could to repeat numbers with them a little.They did perfect job!

And one more of important moments I would love to tell you.Do you know orphans do not have their own toy?What you think they feel when they see a some child has a toy but they has not their own?Just think.

Today these cute kids had rejoicings day! We could to give them not only chocolate candy but a toy!Wow!How they were impressed when they heard that Jesus sent toys to them!!!They were sooo much happy to hear it!What a wonderful news!

They began to make noise because of this joyful information.They were excited because of that! :)
As we spoke about obedience this time we reminded them about Jonah.We asked them: "Did Jonah obey God?" They answered, "No!" "Ok.What do you think, does God want you to obey him?" "Yes!!!" they all cried together. Just in moment they were sitting quietly!  It was such sweet and wonderful moment when they obeyed so fast! They are so amazing and adorable kiddies! :) I just want to hug all of them and tell how we love them!
They are such incredible creation of God and such adorable!And they are so pure and naif as lambs!

A short video of precious small ones is to receiving their gifts.
Look at these angels! Look how they are happy by received their gifts!Because now it is their own toy!!! Oh, what a HUGE blessing is to them! Can you imagine it??? They have own toy!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we gave cars to boys but different animals toys to girls.
 Oh, how they were happy!I even can not tell you! They were so very much impressed, excited and amazed!!!

Do you see what I see?Do you see this cute and little angel who hug her toy to herself? Oh, it is such a sweet moment and I want to weep over when see this picture.Is not she sweet and precious?

When they told us Goodbye, they all showed us their special gifts.They wanted we rejoice with them too :)

Isn`t adorable and beautiful this girl? I love her red hair!

Look at these happy eyes and smile! How is cutie this girl is!

He is soooo cute!Isn`t he?

Look at these sweet little angels! Are not they adorable?

One more sweet moment our director Misha has shared with us.And I would love to tell you.While brother Misha could to spoke with director of Children`s Home about God a little boy was sitting on her hands for a while.Only  in moment he said: "Ah, I will go to uncle Misha!He is awesome!" And he came up to bro.Misha and did sit down on his hands.Aww!Misha said he was surprised and it melted his heart.It was such sweet moment! :)

We had such blessed and incredible day! We are so happy and rejoice by that!I`m so and so happy, that feel as I`m almost in Heaven!!! :)))

Thank you so much to those who could to bless orphans by HUGE blessing to them to have their own toys!Thank you to make this day special to them!Thank you very much for your kindness and support!!! Blessings! :)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. So beautiful. We're thanking the Lord for such wonderful blessings!

  2. Thank you!:) We are so rejoicing by this blessing!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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