November 23, 2011

Visit of God`s treasures

It is such a joy for me to share with you all amazing God`s blessing we have! We could see and spent such wonderful time with God`s treasures whom we could to visit last week!They are such amazing creation who are needy love and care!Thank you so much for your prayers!We had such wonderful and amazing time with boys of special needs in mental institution!There boys who has Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, mental deficiency and different mental disability.We had such excellent and  fabulous time with them!Boys were soooo happy spending time with them!

In the beginning when we arrived there, we have presented diapers to orphanage.God has blessed and we could to bless orphanage a little bit.These diapers are enough only for 2 weeks.We would be so happy if someone will donate that we can buy more diapers to boys, because there is very big need with it.They need big and small sizes.Or probably someone can send diapers to boys.We spent $50 for these diapers.We would be very happy to help them!
Also administration of institution asked us to help with chemical things.It can be be washing powder, shampoo,soap, gloves what protect hands from chemical sore, things what to help to wash well floor, dishes, etc.
Please, can someone to help with these things?Thank you!

Also they asked us to help with food.There is BIG needs with all these things!

 Before spending time with boys, we gave candies and bananas to boys small and older who can not be with us at this time.And after that we could to be with other boys.

 In the beginning we were with older boys.Small ones were taking shower at this time.And it was perfect time for us!While smallest were busy we could to be with older boys.

 It was such blessing when they were sitting so quietly!We were amazed and praised God!

This nice boy helped us to tell a Bible story to children.He is so smart and very kind!

We learned with them a new song.They did gestures very well.Boys love so much guitar!They really enjoy to hear it and they show by their hands how they "play" on guitar.It is so nice and sweet!
After that we could to play, catch our fish.Dear friends you should to see their shining eyes how they were happy to play this game!!!How they smiled and laughed! Really, they were sooo MUCH impressed!We even did not expect this simple game will bring so much positive and active emotions!Wow! We were so much impressed to see them so happy!

Lokk at him!Is not he sweet?

And in the end we gave to them candies and bananas.We are sooo thankful to the Lord, He has blessed and we could to bring these sweets to them.Thank you Jesus!

Next meeting was with smallest ones.Oh, how they so sweet!It is such blessing to be with them!We had perfect time with small kids too!I would love to hug all of them and give my love to each one!They are so thirsty fellowship with folks!!! When they saw us, they were so happy!And we were happy not smaller than they. :)

 It was so funny when we heard how older wanted to be with us, when we were with small ones at this time.They wanted to be with us again and again and again! Is`nt wonderful?

Boys  applauded when puppets sang. :)

And they listened of Bible story so attentive! It was such blessing!

 Look at these next several pictures.There how boys are hungry of touching, hugs, holding their hands.While boys listened story, others just wanted to receive a love by holding their hands or just hug them.It is so sweet and heartbreaking in same time to know boys do not receive hugs, love and attention.Caretakers do not hug them, do not play, do not give to them attention.And they can not do it, they only do their work...But these boys are precious God`s treasures.
 God gave them life and we should to love them and give our attention as much as we can.They are creation of God about whom we must to care and pray.God so loved the world, that He gave his only beggoten Son.God teaches us His amazing, wonderful and sacrificial love.

 Some boys asked us stroke their heads.Oh, how they need attention and so little that to feel beloved...

And we played with small children too.Oh, they were excited not smaller than older boys!They loved soooo much to catch fish!They all got so many positive emotions! It was such wonderful time!!!

Look at this sweet boy.Isn`t he happy?

Look at Oleg how he is happy!He is so smart boy!We are sure he mustn`t be there, at this orphanage!He speaks and understands everything very well!

Sergey so sweet, quiet, clever and so kind boy!It is so heartbreaking to see his disabled hand.But he is very talented to do something by his hands!

Oh, yes!Many of them did not know how need to hold fishrod, they needed our help.Some of them needed to keep, as they wanted to turn over all water.It was very heavy to hold them.That is not surprise because they are hidden there from people and do not know how need to behave...

 And several of boys we needed to hold because Misha our head could not play on guitar.I took boy`s hands and sang with him with gestures, make him busy.And it helped, praised the Lord!

But some boys just wanted you held his hands and sang together with him.Is not a blessing?Look at boy who is singing with Nadya together.It is so and so sweet!!!

In the end we gave to these children, bananas and candies too.

Also we could to visit kids who are heavy most of all.Most of them are here on their bed all day long, doing nothing.They get fresh air only at nice and warm weather, most on summer time.But when it is cold, they do not go outside.Can you imagine their life?Lying in beds all day long, nothing to do, do not breath fresh air, nobody visit, nobody hug you and tell warm words,only hear yelling at them? That is more than terrible!!!

But there are few boys whom we could to take them and spend time.We had puppet show here and game.

Did kids were happy?Absolutely!!!
We had very nice time with them too.With several boys we could to play, holding them on our arms, hug, gave our attention and everything we could give them.So, sorry we do not have pictures.Because it is very heavy to make picture when you are playing with them.:) But we were such blessed to be with them!And they were exciting our time too!

When we told them goodbye, they asked us will you come back, will you come again?When you come?Ah, it is so heavy to hear it!!!We will  miss them so much and it breaks our hearts...

Also we could see and find out sadness moments what is heartbreaking and hurting.It is so and so sad...

Do you see this sweet boy?His name is Misha.This picture was taken 5-6 years ago.He was such kind boy, all time wanted we hug him. Not one time he flew to our director Misha that he hug him and cried all time: "Misha!Misha!" He wanted so much to receive a love and gave his love to us too.

Now he so looks
last times we noticed he changed much, he began to be not actively as before, he flew to us not often as before, he is sitting on bench so quietly. We asked ourselves often something happened.Why his behaviour changed? What is with him?
It seems that he began to undergo degradation.At this time we asked a caretaker about him.It was shock for us to hear that.Now I`m typing and my eyes are wet.It is so heavy and heartbreaking.This sweet boy lost his eyesight ...and he does not see any more.And we understood why his behaviour changed.It is so sad.I even can not imagine how is horrible his life!!! It was awful before but after he became blind it is more worst!Oh, no...

We ask you please pray for these sweet boys!Pray God care in His arms, they feel love.Pray for their health and their needs.We pray and plead God to help these poor boys, to have better health.Please, God help them!..

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