November 16, 2011

Changing hearts

Do you see these sweet and adorable kids?Oh, they just so precious, so beautiful and amazing kiddos!And they are treasure of God! :)
I would love to share with you what a wonderful meeting we had with them last week and not only with them.

After prayer and  congratulating a girl with her Birthday, we had only one at this time.We praised God with a song "I`m soldier of Jesus". Here is short video.They like to sing this song very much and rejoicing to sing her each time.Are not they sweet?

We sang this song because we had topic of our Bible lesson about conquering of Jericho at this time.As we do not have children`s song about Jericho,we think it was good song for this subject.:)

Did children like this time?Absolutely!And we had such amazing time with them!

Children made horns before Bible story.They do not look like "rams" horns but really children were enjoying very much to make it. :) In the beginning they only colored it.

Until their horns were dried , kids could to see a cartoon about conquering of Jericho.They liked it much!

I think children have to learn  to listen a Bible story.But we do not have pictures or visualisation to all Bible stories.And these children are with special needs.So, we decided to show them it.If consider their special needs, we do not have all pictures and they like VERY much cartoons, we think it is not bad.Really we do not know.But we think, if children LOVE it much and enjoy by that, that is well.:)

Ok.After that boys played soldiers with swords and levites who carried an ark.They walked around of our "Jericho wall" many times to demonstrate how it was in Bible story.They were soooo much excited that wanted to walk around wall more and more times!They were sooo funny!

  They did great job!

After that children placed glue of their horns.
 With the object of that to place a colorful glitter they wanted.

 They were so much excited by their horns!wow!They could to blow!And they loved it veryyyyy much!

 And we could to play a game which we named "Let`s to help spies to get down".
We marked a red rope by pieces of sticky tape.When children gave answer to question, they had a right to help to get down spies.And we  had taken away piece of scotch(sticky tape) after, that children could to  move down spies.

As all time, many children wanted to play too. :)

So, we had such blessed and wonderful time with kids and they enjoyed by everything too.Hope they will remember this Bible story for a long time.

At this time Sasha and Lyuba had time with teens.

I would like to share with you a little testimony how God answers your prayers.We all time ask you to pray for children in orphanages not only about their needs but about their behavior too.SOME children are not so good and it is not easy to help them, it is necessary a time.Sometimes long time...Why their behaviour is not good, there are many different reasons for that.My opinion is not enough love...It is unreal to break here orphanage system.But God strong to break a heart and pride.
As many of you know when you love someone sincerely , this person see your love and he/she begin to open his/her heart before you and love you too.
Same is with parents, when you love your child, a child to reply to you his love too.And it is common factors. As God so loved the world,  "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life".(John3:16) that a christian who knows God as personal Saviour to reply to God his sincerity and reciprocity.Because he/she knows HOW God loves!

Lyuba(member of out team) shared with us a story about a girl, who is 15 years old.Her behaviour was not so well.Her behaviour reminded a boy but not girl.Lyuba talked with her many time, explained that is not well etc.Thankfully your prayers and talking with this girl, her behaviour begin to change.Each time, she is better and better and better and better.She has a picture of Lyuba.When we are not able to come, she look at Lyuba`s picture and begin to crying.She all time hugs her when we come and ask Lyuba "Do you love me?Will you come next Saturday?"And she reply to Lyuba and other members of BOM team as well her love. Is not amazing?Is not a blessing it?Is not wonderful how God changes hearts?
This girl will graduate this orphanage next year, in 5 months.We worry about these children, what they will do, will they meet other christians, will someone love them, how about their needs?How they will be live christians life?How about those who are not saved yet?

Please, pray for these children.Pray that seeds of God`s word fall on their hearts and bring fruits of Holy Spirit.Please, pray for their salvation and their behaviour change.Thank you!!! God bless you!

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