April 23, 2011

The letter from God

The Letter from God it was a topic our meeting with teens in an orphanage on Thursday. Many people love to correspond with different people.Some people love to receive letters but do not love to answer.Some people love receive and answer to them.Letters can be bad and good.God wrote longest letter to us  people. It is Bible.He wants we read it, because it brings to us piece, comfort, encourages.If we do something wrong His Word convicts us in our sins etc.and most of all important we can get salvation reading the Bible and accept Jesus Christ in our heart.
Orphans love to correspond also.We think it would be a great if some one of you would be correspond with any child or all class! You can be a friend any Ukrainian orphan or orphans. It will be good practise for them.Because this way they will learn several things: how to write letters, practise or learn English, feel responsibility etc.Also they will know some one love him/her and pray.You can be a Friend  of an orphan this way?What do you think? :)

We had wonderful time with children! We remember we worried some about these children.Will be they come to these meetings?..Because there are many hard children elder age(14-16).Some children smoke, drink, escape from orphanage. 

Director of orphanage was upset because he did not know what to do, how will interest elder children of something.He loves children and try to do their life better how he can.He asked us to help him.We prayed and worried about it.We let him know we are not God, we can not change many things.We will try to do what we can.
We have some ideas how will interest children.It is can be very simple thing.For example picnic with orphans in forest or beautiful  lake.Or take bicycles and go to beautiful nature.We have a lot of nice places.We do not need to go far away.There is beautiful river, forest, rocks close to this orphanage.Of course if they would go to any  excursion it would be GREAT!
In this time children can will open their hearts, we can be close to them, be their friend, sing songs, have lunch, have nice time etc.We know children love this time much and will remember forever.It can change hearts of orphans.We do not have enough fundraiser for it. We need  to pray much and beg Jesus to help...

When we came to orphanage, smaller children have waked up. When they saw us, they started  jumping and waved their hands, knocking in windows and called us go over to see them in their bedroom.It was funny!
They all asked: "Have you come to us?"Oh, dear it is hard to say to them "no" when you know they wait for you.They upset in the beginning when heard it.
We explained that tomorrow we will have time with them too. Because we have Bible lesson with them each Friday.And they said aloud "YES!" They know this English word.They all so sweet! :)

                                                          It is their bedroom for girls.

So, this Thursday we had more children (32-35) than last time!Praise the Lord! Really we did not expect it! We were so glad! Dear Friends, it is answer on your prayers!
Some elder could not be on meeting, we called everyone, age of 12-16 who wanted to be on meeting.Some children asked us can they be on meeting also?Because they knew we came just to teens, elder children.Is not a blessing when a child want to hear about Jesus Christ?We hope they will continue to come in future also.

Well.In the beginning our meeting we sang several songs.They love to sing and they love guitar!

After that we have spoken about letter of God, Bible.Also we all journey in our life.Our journey start when we were born and will finish in eternity. But it is very important to choose a right direction our journey.Bible helps us in it.God left there rules which help us find and go to right directions.

It is same as road markings help driver find a right direction and get to point he necessary safely.If he will fracture road markings,he will have a trouble or will have an accident.We showed to them road markings.

Also we explain to them when we are going to any far away journey we need to be ready, take clothes and things which we necessary every day and put it in our bag.Same is we need every day our journey of life faith, prayer, obeying of God, forgiveness, read Bible, love etc.We can not live without these things.As driver can go astray without road markings.Same we can go wrongly.We necessary all this things in our life each day.

By the way do you know children in orphanage do not have their own things?They do not have own soap, shampoo, towel, gel shower.About gel shower, they even do not know what it is.Girls do not have deodorant.When they have shower day, they have two bottle of shampoo for all class, one for boys and second for girls.They do not have exchangeable shoes.They have to wear one pair of shoes several years.Same is with clothes.We pray that we can present to them something they will have own.Can you please, to help?..

                         After that we sang again and had fun time.

In the end of our meeting we had sweet time.We gave to children sweet water and different cookies.We did not have  a lot  but children were glad!They swooped to sweets like birds! Some of them did grasp and started to hide cookies in their pockets.We said no, no!Each one have to eat same portion of cookies.We spent only $10 to buy water and cookies.We did not expect will come more children and we worried it will not be enough for all children.But we were wrong! It was enough to give to each one and kids were glad!Of course, they would like more food!

                                                 Here children asked more water.
Children asked us Gospel tracts.There it says how you can be saved.Our dream is present to them children`s Bible.We are not able to buy it.Here(where we live) it cost $5 and more.It is unreal for us.We have many children.Probably some one have opportunity to send children`s Bible on russian or ukrainian language??? They understand two languages.It would be GREAT gift to them! Oh, how they would be happy to get this special gift!
When we were going to home, children told to us goodbye, we noticed a girl who had a doll.She said it is all she has, only one nude and broken doll.She has not a toy or game...There are a lot of same children...

We had wonderful time with children and thankful to the Lord for each child who could hear the Gospel!Praise the lord for each day and moment to be with them!Everyone was happy and we also!Hope they will remember everything they could to hear that they will accept and apply it in their life.


  1. Your post brings a lot of mixed emotions to me. I am so happy you were able to meet with the older orphans and that more came to your meeting than you had expected. You have some great God-given ideas of creative things to interest them.
    Your post also brings up some things I hadn't thought of--like letter-writing. I would be glad to write to someone if you think it would help.
    Also I am wondering about the children's Bibles. Do you have a place there in Ukraine where they could be obtained IF someone were to send the funds? I would like to compare the price of YOU getting them there in-country versus someone here in the States getting them and shipping them over.
    I LOVE what you are doing.
    Christ is RISEN!!!
    Joy McClain

  2. Oh my goodness!Joy, my heart was beating much up when i read your comment!It would be a great blessings!I will let you know more in e-mail!Thank you!!!!!

  3. I love your ideas. I will pray the Lord makes a way for it to happen. My family would love to write to the children. It would be good for my children too.

    Have a blessed Easter.

    Love and prayers, Sabrina

  4. Hi Alla, please email, me too. I think you have my email address. I'd love to write letters or have my children write letters too! Also, I've been thinking about seeing if I can send some toys, but shipping is very expensive so I need to see what I can do. Or let us know how much a Bible would cost.

  5. Oh, Sabrina!It will be a GREAT blessing if your family and children correspond with orphans!It would be amazing if your children will find new Ukrainian little or big :)friends!I`m happy to hear it!Thanks for prayers!

    Marianne!I`m so glad you have a desire that your family will correspond with orphans too!It is wonderful!Also about toys and Bibles to children it would be a great blessings to orphans too!I will let you know in e-mail!Thanks! :)

    Dear Friends,it sooo nice to hear you are and want to continue to be the part of this ministry!Thank you so much for your big heart to orphans!It overwhelm hearts all of us what God is doing!God bless you all!

    With love, Alla

  6. Praise the LORD for you Alla in being a voice for orphans!! All the orphans there are loved by God our Father and HIS Son JESUS... -Jeff

    1. Thank you, Jeff for the comment!It`s big blessing and privilege for me.


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