April 14, 2011

A Birthday Project

We have thinking and praying to make some thing special to kids in orphanages. We have one idea to make party of Birthday to them.Why? Because orphans in orphanages do not celebrate Birthday!
Did you know about it?

Imagine.When you have Birthday you wake up in the morning.No one do not congratulate you, no one do not tell to you: "Happy Birthday Dear!" No one do not hug you to tell you Birthday wishes, no one do not give you a special gift and card.You do not have a party with friends and relatives, you do not have sweets and Birthday cake.Your Birthday is as many weekdays.How you will feel yourselves in this day?.. Not so good...
If we celebrate Birthdays why we can not do some thing special to orphans?Why not?

Of course, we can not change many things which we would like to change in orphanages.Of course, we can not congratulate all kids with their special day every day.But something we can do!

So we have idea to make a Birthday party to kids. We would like to give to them gifts to those which we did not congratulate. We would like to make or buy pies, Birthday cards. Can you imagine it? Orphans will blow out candles on cakes first time in their life! What do you think how they will feel? If they are happy to get a small stickers. How they will be happy to blow out candles on cakes! WOW! It will be something special to them! Also we would like to make their special day just fun, playing games and sing songs, have fellowship etc.

But! We can not do it without your helping. We need $200 for 1 orphanage.It includes, decoratings for room (balloons, garlands etc) where we are going to have party, candles, cakes for 90-100 people, sweet water(kids love it).

But it does not include Birthday gifts.. We would like to ask you to help orphans.Probable you have toys or some thing what your child do not want to play with it or a game or toy is hidden in place during long time. A gift for small kids can be any toy, car, doll, puzzle, color book etc.For elders can be a shampoo, towel, deodorant, slippers, watch, game etc.
Please, can you help make special day to orphans? If may be any one can send balloons or Birthday garlands or candles, it would be great! Think, each little thing can bless a orphan in Ukraine!Also would be great if any person would be send Birthday cards. Orphans never get it!

Please, can you help orphans to make happy their special day?..Each little thing appreciating!Or maybe some one have better idea? We would be thankful for advice how to do the best way to make kids happy!
Thank you!

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