November 11, 2019

Mom of 6 teenagers!

If someone told me a few years ago that you would be the mother of six teenagers. And they all will live in your small and cramped apartment. I would say that this is not for me. "No! No! What are you! Never, ever in my life!!!" And I would laugh out loud! :)))

Welcome three more teens to our family! Two beautiful young ladies and a teenager boy.

Sveta, 15 and Natasha,15

Vova, 14
   Yes, it is noisy, and we have a lot of inconveniences. One bathroom, a very small kitchen, very crowded where everyone pushes each other, the girls sleep in small beds in three and much more. But the children are happy!  Sveta is in the 10th grade of a regular/hight school, Vova is in the 9th grade, and Natasha is studying as a hairdresser. 

  The life is crazy here! We are super busy with kids!Some children require a lot of attention!!! The last few months I sleep for 5-6 hours. Iam so happy when I can sleep 7 hours! :))) I am learning to be more organized to take care of children and to continue serving in orphanages. Learning. A lot of learning...Now I understand more large families! Lol

  We see how children change and learn something new. We learn together :) They learn to take care of their things, use household appliances, keep order in the house, be responsible and much more.

Sveta and Natasha learn how to buy and save money

Well, and most importantly, learn to forgive, enjoy and be thankful for small things, help each other, enjoy life and just love.
   Every Sunday our family goes to church where children can hear the Gospel and be in fellowship with Christians.
    Our main goal through life in the family is not only to teach the main life skills but to show the care and love of Christ. So that one day the Lord would become their Heavenly Father and Comforter.

Girls do their school homework
Precious girl rejoices of the fountain

  There are so many different difficulties besides teenage behavior problems... Difficulties with the government, documents, a lot of confusion and different nuances. I don’t know how long these children will be able to live with us. But every day for me is another opportunity to show the love of Christ. Every day is another opportunity to comfort, encourage, hug, teach something new, share the Word of God and just love. It`s a great joy and privilege! ♥♥♥

  We also have financial difficulties. Every day we need to give children funds for bus and meals at the school. Often in the school they need to buy notebooks, books and various things. Only $40.00 a month is needed for an one kid for bus ticket and meal at school.All children have digestive problems, with teeth, etc. They often complain of abdominal pain, often get sick. Some eat a lot because they were hungry at their homes and orphanages. We need to help children become healthy so that they can study well and enjoy life. We spend a lot of finances on food and hygiene products, in addition to other needs. 
We need someone whose heart belongs to orphans. Someone who has burden in heart for teens. Someone who can adopt these beautiful children in their heart and support monthly.

These are orphans, whose parents are alive but abuse alcohol and do not fulfill their parental responsibilities. Children visit their parents from time to time. Recently, one of the girls said. When I sleep in cold and  dirty bed in the village in the house visiting my parents, I cannot wait to return here (home to us) to a clean, warm and soft bed. :)
Yes, when they return from the villages, they take a shower and wash their clothes. There is no running water, no firewood, no electricity, no livelihood. Nothing!

  If the Lord touches your heart to bless these beautiful souls bloom and become successful members of our society, you can send your gift of love through Ting Ministries. Please, consider this need prayerfully!

1. Donate online through:PayPal
2.Or send a check:
   Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
   Ting Ministries
   29 East Poplar Street
   Lebanon Pa 17042
All donations tax deductible and 100% goes to BOM! THANK YOU so much!!!
   And as always, during blogging time I reach out to all of you and ask for your prayers! Would you join me in asking our great God for prayers of strength, inspiration, and strong physical and emotional my health, God`s wisdom, and His patience, please? And for my beloved sister Oksana.Would you join us in prayer for changing hearts and minds and for the salvation these sweet teens? That God will bless and provide for all their needs. And that God bless and placed these precious souls where they are needed to be...

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