September 3, 2019

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for Pastor and BOM Director!!!

   Today many churches preach about the support of lonely, widows and orphans. Many churches, fulfilling the command of God, have these ministries. And that`s great! But what if the church itself consists of orphans, who needs help and support?
  Our Bible Baptist Church Charity is extraordinary, different and consists of 80% of orphans. We praise the Lord for His mercy and the opportunity to serve the orphaned kids in the local church!We do not have a Sunday, so that there is no new soul or orphan! Praise God!!!

  After the service, we have a little fellowship over a cup of tea and a small snack. Many are undernourished because the life of graduates of orphanages is very hard and salaries are very small, barely enough for food. Most don`t work. Many come to not only eat, but also make new friends or even just chat.

  With absolutely broken hearts, we inform you that Pastor Misha has esophageal cancer... This is shocking and horrible news for BOM staff, church, friends, and many who know brother. This what we never ever expected...

  Last week doctor said to do the surgery immediately, otherwise it may be too late... He said everything is REALLY bad... When bro.Misha eats he cannot swallow the solid food, he began to get very tired the last six months, lose weight, severe chest pain and so on. The doctor said, if you want to live.., you must be in the hospital today immideiatly! 

  Bro.Misha was at hospital a week already. He passed some medical and a biopsy test. He was going to have the surgery this week. But the doctor does not guarantee that this will help... and pastor saw many people who die in several month after surgery. 😢 So, no surgery this week.The government hospitals are not well and medicine is very, very poor in Ukraine. That`s why many people die there...

 You must undergo some medical tests without anesthesia, which is very painful. As pastor Misha swallowed the probe last week. He said that it was very painful. Doctors could not insert the probe into the esophagus and were forced to fill his stomach with air. Brother Misha says that it was like a torture, but he suffered because there was no way out. Other tests were also painful. 

  Also, the attitude of medical workers is not very good. They can humiliate you and not fulfill their duties properly. Medicine in public hospitals is free. But this is only on a "piece of paper". People have to pay big money almost like in private clinics to stay alive. Private clinics have much better care, medicine, attitude of medical workers etc.

But despite all this, Pastor Misha could to witnes about Jesus Christ to 5 men who were in hospital room with him.

For today brother Misha was discharged so that he could be examined in Kiev. We very hope this week he will see other specialist.

Cancer.., this sickness is the first time that we have faced and much to learn and go through... We don’t know at what stage the cancer is... It is also not known whether he will have surgery or some other treatment. If you have experience in treating cancer in a non-traditional way, doctors you know, friends who can give advise, anything, any help.. We will be very thankful!

For today, please pray for peace and calm in the hearts of the BOM team. The next few months will be very difficult for all of us... We need the grace and mercy of God. PLEASE, pray that the Lord will bless with wise doctors, arrange everything and send the necessary funds as everything is not cheap...Pray for pastor Misha, for his healing and for grace of God. Pray that God will have mercy and prolong life to brother Misha! We CAN`T imagine what would happen to the local church and the service of the orphans! We have NO ONE to replace him!!! Only he holds BOM and the local Church!!! He serves hundreds, thousands of orphans and the lonely. He brought hundreds of people to Christ! He is loved by many! Praying for a MIRACLE!!!

If the Lord prompts your heart to encourage pastor Misha and BOM Director in his medical examinations, you can send your gift of love to Ting Ministries. May God bless you!!!💖
1. Donate online through:PayPal
2.Or send a check:
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042
All donations tax deductible and 100% goes to BOM! THANK YOU so much!!!

P.S. To send encouragement message and questions to Pastor Misha, please email


  1. Dearest Alla,

    I am so terribly sorry to learn of this, but hope that Brother Misha will get good care from the specialists in Kiev and a great outcome. He is such a fine man...

    I will be sending BOM a gift to help with medical expenses via Ting Ministries, later today, and will also call my church to ask for prayers.

    Much love to you all,
    susan in Kentucky

  2. Just heard from the friend who joined us at Shakertown - he is also sending a donation for Brother Misha.

    Thinking of you,
    Susan in Kentucky


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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