May 14, 2019

God sets the lonely in families

   "I felt like a homeless, and now I'm a human..." These words were uttered by a young lady after we bought her several new things. She was so happy and so excited  that she called her friends and talked on the phone, ran to work to show employees her new clothes, took pictures and put up them in the social networks. It seemed the whole city knew that the girl had new clothes! Her joy was not the end!!! :) ♥

   So, what happened? More than a year ago, someone phoned me and said that Masha was going to take money on credit. I instantly rushed to the bank to stop her from this idea and from the consequences of what a girl might expect. Orphans often do not return loans and they often have problems with the law. 

  We met Masha on the street. We know the young lady for a long time and were happy to meet. She was very hungry! We fed her and had fellowship. When I asked the girl, where do you live? She burst into tears... It turned out she had nowhere to live! Oh, my! How?!

  After she graduated orphanage and then a trade school, she lived with her friend in a dormitory for several months. Then her friend moved out, and Masha was forced to look for another housing. For several weeks she lived in a strange family. She came only for a night. In the morning she left and wandered around the city not knowing what to do... Then she was placed in the center for the homeless. She was frightened and ran away from there.

   I understood that I had to do something so do not to leave the orphan on the street... I understood that I could not help everyone, but I can to help an one. The Lord gave me the decision to take Masha to live with me. I was scared. Since there were serious reasons for this.I knew that this would affect our ministry, the privacy of my sister Oksana and my personal life. I didn’t know if a 20 year old girl could change. I had NO IDEA what to do with her and that it was God's plan ...

  I prayed and asked for the help of God, I asked all our friends to pray. I did not know what to do with her. She was so helpless as a small child... She was terrified, unable to help herself and defenseless. I saw that she had a lot of difficulties in all areas of life. I felt helpless because I didn’t know where to start... Because it’s a huge list of things to teach this poor soul. Trust me, huge! 
  We started to learn the elementary things. How to take care of yourself, make the bed every morning, say gentle words. We taught her how to hug. At first she did not perceive it. But today, when she goes to bed, she asks. "Alla, will you hug me?" :)))

 We were surprised that Masha kept all the documents. Orphans usually lose them. Once studying her documents, we discovered that Masha had another sister whom she did not know about... And that her father died some time ago... :( The poor girl was shocked and  overwhelmed. "Why didn't anyone tell me about it at the orphanage?" the sweetheart asked with tears in her eyes...

  Honestly, every day I waited for her to leave... It is difficult for orphans to obey the rules. I waited that one day she would not return home. I was scared and at the same time heartbroken for her. That she is so helpless. That she will again be on the street. Absolutely not mature and not ready for independent life. This poor girl has a lot of issues...

  Orphans have a lot of difficulties after they leave orphanages. They do not understand that because of their behavior, they can easily be killed, that some situations are very dangerous and their actions can completely destroy their life.
  Masha is kind, very trusting and people manipulate her life, using for their own purposes.

About a month later, we began to see results... It was clear that she tried and it gave us a great hope. Masha very quickly found a job and started earning her first money.

  The young lady could not and did not know how to make tea. She was terrified to turn on the electric kettle. I decided to start teaching her to cook with elementary things. When the young lady learned to fry scrambled eggs. She was  so super excited that she cooked it every day for several weeks!!! :)))
Masha learned to use different household appliances, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave and others. She likes to help to cook in the kitchen.

   Once I asked her. If you like to cook so much. Why don't you go to school to learn for a chef? We helped the girl arrange all the necessary documents. During this, we faced many difficulties and realized that the poor soul would never do it herself in her life! If you know Ukrainian system for paperwork :( God loves her and has a special plan for her life! The Lord himself arranged this meeting 1,5 years ago to help this sweetheart!

  Do you know what?! Today Masha is one of the best students in her group! The precious soul not only cooks well, but is very active in the life of the trade school! She gladly performs the important task assigned to her. Also she won second place in the game of chess between adults with special needs and first place among the women! There was no end to our joy!!! Masha exulted!!!That is huge victory for this sweet girl!!! ♥

   If a year and a half ago, the girl did not have dreams and did not know what she wanted from life. Today she has a dream to work in the kitchen as an assistant chef. We pray that her dream will come true some day!

  Masha loves to be in the fellowship of the church! She loves when we read the word of God together daily. "I feel that something is happening in my heart and it becomes easy and calm there, when we read the Bible". The girl shared her thoughts once. ♥
 It humbles and warms my heart... The main reason is show her the love of Christ!!! That is most AMAZING blessing when a soul feels the presense of God! The precious girl often asks to pray for her salvation. Will you pray for her, please? :)

  It is not always easy... There were many tears and many prayers. Sometimes it was very difficult and unbearably painful... There were moments when I wanted to leave home for a few days and weeks and be alone in the distance...There were moments when I survived the depression. But thank God for many years of serving the orphans, I learned how to overcome this crisis.

   The trauma of childhood is the worst thing that can be... Today I understand very well families with children with FASD(Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). I know very well what a child with a childhood trauma is. I know  what is tantrums. I understand families with children with special needs. I have to learn soooo much yet!

  When I was thinking. Where will this girl go? What does she feel? What will happen to her tomorrow? She will be on the street again, in danger, alone, in fear... I was even scared to think about it. I realized that she was in pain. That is the spiritual struggle of my spirit and flesh. What the farther I am from Christ, the more I hope for my own strength, the more it hurts me. But the closer to Christ, the more I trust Him, the more you feel His presence and the easier it is to endure all issues. When I have no strength, I begin to give up. God shows his powerful hand. ♥♥♥
And we have seen not once incredible miracles in Masha's life! That was something! We were in awe! A real miracle! 

Masha first time in mountains. She was thrilled and thanked million times!:)

   During these 1,5 years, I realized that I needed to change myself ... I realized how weak I was and I can do NOTHING without Christ! I am totally dependent on Him! Totally! God taught me a lot! I am learning daily and happy to be in the school of Christ! It is not easy to live with a teenage girl with a broken heart and soul. But believe me, it's worth it! When God comes first, when you daily understand why you are doing this. It's worth it! It is worth experiencing all the pain and tears when you see the first small glimpses that give hope. It is worth worrying when you see how the suffering soul needs your help and depends on you. It is worth suffering when you see these small or huge changes in the life of a precious person.
Birthday with BOM family :)

  We do not and cannot know what will happen tomorrow. We don't know God's plans for Masha's life. But we thank God for giving the opportunity to help this poor girl and become part of her huge changes in her life. Over the past year and a half she has changed a lot! Everyone in the church community sees these changes and is undoubtedly happy for her. She began to bloom! She began to live a full life and flourish! God taught me soooo much personally and the whole BOM team as well!

   The Lord accepted us into His huge and loving family. He called us His children and surrounded us with his overflowing love. We praying that the Lord help us to recognize and see those around us, who He wants to put in our family. He sets the lonely in families. We are praying that our hearts be open to Him and to others.♥♥♥

And this is only the beginning of the story. The rest of the story to be continued soon…  ;)

P.S.I just finished this blog post and one beautiful young lady sent me a message. "Call me urgently!" I called her back. And she was crying so much in the phone saying that today her mother died from alcohol ..


  1. Oh this is so beautiful. I am so happy for her. I am more astounded by you and your sister. We pray for God to use us but I see Him alone in what you've done. As humans we could never do it.

    This is one of my favorite parts of this wonderful story of true God like love:

    "The more I rely on my own strength, the more it hurts me. But the closer to Christ, the more I trust Him, the more you feel His presence and the easier it is to endure all issues"

    1. Rachel Toth, thank you! God is so good! :)

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2019

    Alla, you and the other BOM members are truly representing the hands of Christ in the world. Thank you so much for all you do, and for sharing Masha's story.

    Please let the young lady who has just lost her mother know that prayers are being said for her halfway around the world. I am saddened for her loss, but thankful she has turned to you in her time of sorrow.

    Thinking of you,
    Susan in Kentucky

    1. Susan, thank you for your words of encouragement and for prayers also!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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