November 14, 2019

ONLY 2 weeks to REUNITE the FAMILY!!!

   OK. Our ministry is gaining a slightly different turn...
   Dear friends we only have 2 weeks to save the family !!! Yesterday, the Children's Affairs Service called the mother of two of our sweet girls to deprive of parental rights, and appoint me the guardian of the girls as they live with us! Sveta, 16 and Luba, 17. It was a real war! The poor mother cried inconsolably... It was all painful and scary to watch. It is terrible how the world is cruel and how Satan wants to break up the family and sow bitterness, tears, pain, disappointment and grief. We began to stand up for the poor mother and asked the Social Service to give her a chance to start a new life. She is addicted to alcohol but cannot stop because of her surroundings. Due to alcohol addiction, she is not able to fulfill parental duties and obligations. She has no home. She lives anywhere.She is homeless... Therefore, the girls not only have nowhere to come home for the holidays.They have nowhere to go at all!!! Therefore, they spent all their childhood in the Children`s Home and then in a orphanage... There was a time when a young woman did not abuse alcohol and worked since she lived somewhere. So, we have a hope! Her friends and surroundings have a huge impact on her. The Children's Affairs Service gave 2 weeks for the mother to find housing and work. If in 2 weeks she does not solve this issue, she will be deprived of parental rights!!! This is terrible! But today we have a chance to save this precious family! Let the sweet girls live with their beloved mother! 

From the left to the right Alla, Natasha, Masha, Sveta and Lyuba

  We immediately began to look for a housing at our city so that she immediately moved! We have VERY little time!She does not work, so she is starving. :( She has absolutely no livelihood! While a woman finds work, she will need funds and her children for food, at least for a month. Also help pay for housing for several months until everything is settled down.

  Can you imagine what happiness it is when the whole family is together, mom and her precious children! Indeed, the very first family was created by our Creator in the Garden of Eden. What a relief for all of them not to worry about each other. So that the girls do not worry about what happened to their mother, is she still alive? What a joy when the whole family will come to the meeting of our church and hear the Word of God! Not only girls but their mother can hear the Word of Salvation, about hope, forgiveness, Christ love, hope and much more! Tears of happiness are pouring down my cheeks when I think about what an incredible happiness it is to see all of them together joyful and happy !!! What a blessing it is when their mother sees the love of Christ and the care of their family through Christians! The woman ceased to feel like a mother and a woman. She feels exhausted and completely lonely... Through this care, we can become her friends and the only salvation!

We need to raise $900. Each donation can be a salvation for these girls to stay with their mother forever! Is it not for this that God called us to sow goodness, hope and love? Isn't that what the Lord calls us to do, to give people a chance and hope while they are alive? Yesterday, the girls were upset and cried. If we do not help, the family will be destroyed and one of the girls will go to the orphanage again! Can you imagine their tears of happiness when the family reunited???Satan destroys families but God creates! Will you become a part of the reuniting of this sweet family, please?
We believe with all hearts God is going to create something beautiful and amazing!!! ♥♥♥

  If the Lord prompts your heart to bless the family Fodor  you can send your gift of love to Ting Ministries. May God bless you!!!💖
1. Donate online through:PayPal
2.Or send a check:
Stephanie and Brian Carpenter
Ting Ministries
29 East Poplar Street
Lebanon Pa 17042
All donations tax deductible and 100% goes to BOM! THANK YOU so much!!!

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