July 4, 2017

Baby Shower for two mommies!

As we are expecting 2 precious babies, boy and girl. We made a Baby Shower for two mommies. :)
I'm so very happy that the decoration of the hall took us only a few hours, not days, as it was many times before! We searched for information and everything necessary for this special holiday, then all by ourselves, cut out, drew, made crafts, etc. Although it took a very long time, but it was worth it to bring a pure joy and make a special holiday for mommies! ♥ This time we were helped by the fact that I was able to buy many things in the US in the Dollar Tree and send it to Ukraine while I was there. I loved this store! Thanks a lot to those, who helped to make it happen! I was greatly surprised you can buy so many cute and beautiful necessary stuff! So I already have experience shopping in the Dollar Tree and send parsels to Ukraine from America! Ha Ha! ;)  But and if it's serious, it helped me a lot to save time, energy and nerves.

So, we had such a wonderful and amazing time! We played funny games. It was hilarious!

Both young ladies live very poor and are not able to buy the most necessary items. BOM was able to bless sweet mommies with clothes, diapers and many different items for their babies. It was such a pleasure to see their joy and admiration!It is such a great blessing to bring joy to many souls, to see them smiling, laughing and happy!

Everyone was surprised take a small gift paper bag home. Candies, like a pacifier. It was so sweet! Everyone loved this special time! We thank Jesus for such a great time we all had together! It was amazing! Please, pray for the health of both mothers and their babies.  Can`t wait to meet them! ♥


  1. you are incredible ! how sweet !

    1. Thanks, Nicole :) It is a great blessing to bring joy to any soul ;)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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