December 23, 2015

A special gift for the young adults

Now is season of holidays all over the world. Everyone buy, prepare different gifts to families, friends etc.

But the young adults, who are under BOM support concerning about their special gift, it is housing. They realize that they do not have where to go and they may become homeless. 

The sweet family Kozaks. I love precious smiles of those 2 little men :)

And our beautiful young lady Yana.

Last year thanks to many generous and kind people we raised funds. It was huge and awesome blessing for what we are so thankful to God and you all! But some things happened unexpectedly and we had to spend more funds than we hoped and planned. Besides all expenses. Olga was very sick several times, so she was necessary funds for medical tests and medicine. After birth of Andrew her teeth became not good. BOM provided the help too. Also during the year Sasha worked maybe only 3 months. He has some issue. He struggle and trying the best he can. After spending all childhood in orphanage not seeing and not knowing what is the family. Many young people is greatly suffer emotionally. And they need our help as well. Thanks prayers of God`s children and mercy of Jesus Christ, Kozak family is doing much better.

Yana is great helper for Olga with her kiddies. When young mother need to go somewhere for a short time and more, Yana helps, when it is possible. Is not wonderful blessing from the Lord? :) 

Also, there often spend the night young people, who have nowhere to go or it is need to stay in the city a few days. Lonely or young families with children. Yes, there is a lot of kids often.Such a blessing! :)

Olga, Sasha, Yana and many young people need your help again. We can not leave the family Kozak live independently because they are not ripe emotionally, they have a lot more to learn, and most importantly they have nowhere to go with their precious kiddies.

We need to raise $2940 this time. $1,750 for rent of apartment for entire year. $1,100 for living allowance, food, medicine etc. And fee on PayPal. 
This year we need bigger amount because of unstable economy in Ukraine, clothes, food became much expensive. For example: rice %110,  meat %70, eggs %60, vegetables %34,  peas %50, buckwheat %150. Gas became expensive %285, heating in 3 times more, electricity %25, etc. It means owners will put price up for apartments also.  This month people received bills for heating around 800-1300 uah(hryvnia) ($33-$55) If a person makes per month $55. It means a whole his salary he should pay just for heating. There are no money pay for other utilities, food, medicine and other expenses.Pensioners receive about 1,000 hryvnia($42) pension. This means that they are not able to pay utility bills at all.People are shocked and scared. Sasha makes $50-60 per month.

Since we have a big problem with PayPal. We have only 5 days to raise at least some of the necessary funds that help these sweet young people.

We do not know, if we rise the entire amount... Because time is very short. But we will be inordinately grateful for any amount of money! Every day and every donation is very, very precious. 
Please, prayerfully consider the matter. Every little gift of love is very valuable and very able to help. Even $5 is precious in God's eyes. Can you help please Yana, Olga, Sasha and their kids Edick and Andrew are not stay homeless? Stay safe and warm. Present them this Special Gift .

No matter how much we raise, we will be grateful to God. He knows the best time and how much necessary. His time is perfect!

If you willing to save those precious lives, please send your gift of love through Blue button PitchIn on the blog. If you send through PayPal it will helps us do not pay fee, only add please a note "saving lives" or "for current project". Thank you! 

For those in the U.S. who wish to donate by check, make check payable to:
Bible Orphan Ministry 404 Greenview Dr. Caledonia MI 49316. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your prayers, sharing the need or any participation! You are the best! :)
May God bless you greatly!


  1. Praying. You are doing a wonderful job...

    1. Thank you so much for prayers, Nicole!We won`t be able to do it without mercy of the Lord Jesus and kindness of many wonderful people :)


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