December 3, 2015

And...More beds for orphaned kids!

Hello Everybody! The winter came! It was snowing yesterday but everything melted away already. We had very warm November what is abnormal for Ukrainian weather. But I was very excited to have a nice weather, except rains. Lol. I hope you stay warm in your houses and it is not pretty cold. :)

We are so very excited share with you all that 20 more beautiful beds have been made for precious kids! Awesome blessing!

If you remember we have started  this amazing project a year ago and 103 bed frames and mattresses have been replaced already. Pictures Here and Here and Here and what kids think about their beds Here :)

We have many precious helpers again! The old ones, who have a little experience and new, who were learned how to make it.

First 5 beds are ready! Yay!

It was so sweet and warms heart to watch how children were enjoyed make their own beds and help others.

Helped to make beds for little ones.

Precious kiddies

Administration of the orphanage has been amazed and surprised. Because those kids with whom they can not manage because of not good behaviour. Those kids were so active and such a great helpers! Maybe they are not 'difficult" kids as they are called there. Maybe they need just other keys that they open their precious hearts and trust you? ;)

Zhenya, such a sweet girl, who gradute this year...

Children were pretty excited and so happy!

We are so thrilled and so amazed by goodness of God to these beautiful children! We are so excited they have this wonderful blessing and can see sweet dreams and golden slumbers in their cozy new beds! God is so very good!!!!

We are so grateful to Change of Ukraine, bro. Daniel and his generous community, who make life of orphaned children in Ukraine better and brighter! Those astonishing blessings bring such a great joy to the kids! They feel loved and cared! Thank you very much to those who made it possible and is part of this amazing blessing!


  1. This is wonderful! It is a blessing to so many. Thank you BOM for all of your work there! What good work, Daniel...I pray that your light continues to shine so brightly that others cannot but help to join in! Grace and Peace!

    1. Thank you very much, Courtney! God is so good!:)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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