October 4, 2014

What kids think about their new beds :)

Bro. Misha was just playing making a video. But I really LOVE expressions and excitement of children here and their thoughts about beds.So, decided to share with you. :) Hope you will love these sweet kids, same as we do. They all are so sweet!!!!Beautiful souls!!! ♥

For a some reason I can not add text on video.
So here is conversation:

1Girl. Are you doing a video?
Misha. Yes. What you would like to say about it? Do you like beds?
Misha.Tell, why do you like beds?
1Girl.They are soft, beautiful and big.

Misha. Well done! Who else would like to add something?
2 Girl. I !
2Girl.These mattresses are soft, unbroken and white.
Beds are big and it is comfortable sleep on it.

Misha to the boy. We are taking interview. What you would like to say?
Boy. I like these beds . They are high. Mattresses are soft and big.
Misha. Great job! Tell, thank you to those, who helped you to bring these beds.
Boy. Thank you that you presented for us such a beautiful mattresses.

Misha. Let`s stay here together and tell "thank you" tree times.
Kids. Thank You!Thank you!Thank you!
Misha. Thank you!!! :)

Many years ago it was the first orphanage, where I have been. If someone would tell me that you will help and support this orphanage many years later... I never would believe! I had no idea what God prepared in my life! And can a little girl think that she will help someone in future, if she was needed the help and someone cared and loved her? :) Same as these precious kids. Jesus is SO good!!!!He is still doing miracles today!!!!


  1. thank you for sharing !
    and all you do for these children to make their life a bit better.

  2. Thank you for helping and loving these precious children.

    Sending good wishes for sweet dreams and golden slumbers for the children sleeping in their cozy new beds, or under their beautiful new quilts, as well as for all of the other children in the world, especially the children of Ukraine...

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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