February 10, 2014

The incredible time with young souls in trade school

A few days ago God blessed us with an incredible meeting with young adults and teenagers in trade school.The spending time with them  was amazing!Coming back home we rejoiced and were thrilled!!!! 

Initially, when we arrived the dorm administration was not very glad that we were to meet in the hall. Not one employee complained about that they are "bad" children, their future, it is a prison. Does not it depend on us, on the society to prevent them from the destructive path????
How sad was to hear it...Most of these sweet souls are from many different orphanages. They forced to study there. Not because they wish, only because to be saved from the street!That these souls need just the help and care, understanding and love. The most, they need Jesus!

Also there administrating started to repair the hall. Senior tutor was very worried that the kids can steal tools. She warned us, if anything they will steal or break, we're goin responsible. Great!We agree! Just let us please,  hold the meeting!
Also she offered us a small dorm room, as very worried that everything will be ok after meeting with teens. We decided to stay in the hall convincing her not to worry and we agreed to take over responsible. And it was the right choice! Since in a small room, we just would not fit. The hall had almost 30 people with the BOM team! Amazing!Yay!

Would you pray please, God change hearts of these lonely and poor teens? I would spend whole days there, showing the Christ love and listening their heartfelt stories. They need someone, someone, who loves and understands them. They are still kids, only with  the broken souls and hearts.Only Jesus Christ can heal their precious souls. That`s why we come there! To give hope and show the Love.

Imagine. Parents abandoned them, then spent childhood in orphanages and now should study in place, where they can not realize their dreams. They are not free and can not chose. Government decide instead of them what to do. But forced to study in place, just to be saved from the street.

The testimony of bro. Misha was great. Abandoned, orphanage, street life, jail and much more. He warned them that life in jail is terrible.It's very scary, when you wake up in the morning on a table saw someone's severed head, just because someone  did not like him. When you sleep in a room on the concrete bed, where the walls and ceiling are covered with snow and ice.But the hell is worse!

Also, many times we reminded them that they are not forgotten, that someone remembers and loves them, someone wants to give them a bright future and a hope. They are special for someone, despite the fact that many humiliate them and neglect the only because they had no childhood and were in orphanages. And that someone, is Jesus! They all sat so quietly and listened attentively. Honestly, I did not expect that everything will be so perfect. The meeting took place simply amazing! Nobody nothing stole. :) And on the contrary, many of them came up and asked various questions. It was so awesome!Thank you, Jesus!

These young adults are sweet and precious but not "bad" as we were told!

We sang along with the children. But since they loved to sing with a guitar. They asked us to sing something else with them. It was so great!

At the end of the meeting everyone received a package of food from the blessing we received recently.
Kids did not know what is it and never seen a hot cocoa mix Nestle in small envelope, only in jar. Also about other food. 

They were so happy to hear that someone in America loves them and sent this food to bless. 

Also at the end we had cookies and juice. Thank you! Thank you so much to those, who sent gifts of love to bless these lost sheeps by food!

It was very noticeable how quickly they all ate and were hungry. When  brother Misha asked, who of them are malnourished and often hungry at school. You will not believe! Everyone raised their hands. Wow! It was so sad to see and hear that these children are malnourished... :(

So, your precious gifts are such a wonderful blessing to feed them!Thank you friends!

Also some teens were blessed by different clothes and jackets.

And even bags. Some guys immediately put on clothes and did not want to take it off. :0)

But most amazing blessing was that 6 young souls trusted Jesus and asked Him to save them!Oh, my! It was so wonderful and awesome! God is good!

Would you remember them in your prayers, please? From the left to the right Bogdan, Andrew, Ira, Valya, Alyona  and Sasha. So and SO happy for them!!!!!

We rejoice and praise God for this incredible meeting and blessings we had! He is so good always!!!! Isn't He? :)

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