May 8, 2014

A dear our friend and Maidan in Kiev

Surprise! We have a visitor from US in Ukraine! On Tuesday we met in airport our dear and old friend Andrew, who visited our country last summer. It is such a wonderful blessing to meet old friends!He will spend 6 weeks helping BOM. Yay! We are so excited!!!!

At the entrance to different cities, not only Kiev. You can see the activists, who are guarding entrance to the city, together with the police and guns in their hands. So, we felt safety :)

After a delicious lunch at the Ukrainian cafe, we decided to go and see the Maidan in Kiev.

It was hard to see these many places knowing that so many people died there. This is the sad Ukrainian story. It is unbelievable what happened there! I still can not believe, watching it only on networks. You have to watch this all your own eyes.You still can smell the smoke there. It would take some hours to see everything.Many people, activists who were during Maidan say that there over 800 people died. Some say even more then 1500. No one knows exactly number. But not hundred or over hundred, it is exactly.

There are alot of wall bricks all over the Maidan

In many places a lot of flowers and many photos, who died there

The museum Maidan. An one activist invited us and wanted to show us their shelter or housing they built. Many activists still live there, and will live till president elections in May 25.Please, pray for the election.Thanks.

It's their equipment. Where is Internet, computers, printer and so many different stuff.

Their kitchen

Our guys :)

 On the Independence square are a lot of different Ukrainian national symbols, what happened on the Maidan. And for those, who support Ukraine. Cups with photos Maidan, caps, flags, wreaths for girls, ribbons, fridge magnets, calendars and many other

The building, which burned down a lot of people. Terribly.

Lots of flowers and photos of dead people.

Different things from Maidan

Molotov cocktails.

Almost the whole Maidan

T-shirts with different slogans in support of Ukraine and Crimea. The man is Ukrainian Cossack.

I loaded more photos on BOM`s Facebook. If you would like, you can follow to this link to see more.

Please, pray for Ukraine. Especially in these heavy days, what is going on south and east of Ukraine. Our hearts absolutely are broken and heavy. We need mercy of the Lord Jesus.Ukraine needs God.Thank you very much!!!

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