May 29, 2014

I never ate shashlik(barbecue)!

"I never ate shashlik(barbecue)!!!Mmm. It's delicious and yummy!!!"often said exciting Olechka Kozak, enjoying barbecue. :)
Not only she but many our graduating orphans, young adults NEVER in their life ate barbecue!

Few days ago we had an awesome picnic with some of them and some members of church. Sadly that not all our young adults were able to come. :( But the day was wonderful and we all had an amazing fellowship!

So, for many of them it was FIRST experience in their lives, picnic, shashlik(as we say), games and much more.

Beautiful young ladies ♥

While the ladies were cooking fish broth or "uha" as we say :)

with catfish

cooking uha :)

There were preparing shashliks also

At this time another souls could enjoy games and fellowship :)

When all ate

everything was so delicious mmm! Wish you were with us :)

Then everybody could enjoy all kinds of games. We had lots of fun and joy!The day was amazing!!!!

 Precious little Andrew Kozak ♥

 We had lots of different games. But most liked this one.
A balloon filled with water. And the two teams play throwing the balloon to each other using blankets. The essence of the game to catch it. But it is very funny, when the team can not catch the balloon and someone stays wet.

Here are a few videos

This one I like most :)

The nature is so beautiful!

 We had picnic till late and saw this wonderful sunset.

God blessed by the wonderful weather. All were fed and happy with fellowship. For many young people, this day was especially joyful. First picnic in life, the first "uha", the first barbecue. Awesome! I am especially happy and thankful God for these young precious souls.♥ It is such a great blessing to bring joy to someone and make happy! :)

Thank you for stopping by and reading the post!

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