February 14, 2014

Soft and tender as a flower

Do you see this beautiful young lady sitting between boys?My heart absolutely aches for her. I often think about V. And she stole my heart... <3

Last summer we visited kiddies in summer camp with our friends.

After the meeting, we could have a little fellowship with the kids. When we were ready to leave this precious girl began to beg us: 
-Please, taking me with you! I do not want to be here! I'm terribly bored and I feel bad here. I only want to be with you! Take me away, please!
-But that's impossible... 
-I know! But please, take me away of here.-she continued to plead...

Oh, my!Her pleading absolutely broke our hearts...Its was so sad and heartbreaking to leave her there...

Searching for her photos. I was shocked and saddened. This sweet girl looks so sad and distressed at all the photos...Here are some of them.

And even when we held a meeting with teenagers recently.

Throughout the meeting, she sat sad with  lowered  head. This makes me sick :(

Since the summer, I tried to contact her looking for different options. But it was hard and to no avail. So we decided to visit her in an orphanage. When we asked some worker that she would be called. Administration orphanage asked: "Oh, you've come to the V. and her brother G.?"  Yes. Without thinking we replied. Then we looked at each other surprised and realizing that this flower girl has a brother?  We did not know this. But we were even more surprised, when her 2 brothers came to us!Wow!

So, here are these sweet souls. 
Sasha(on the left) is oldest 18 years old brother. Dreams to be electrician. He likes to make everything and to have a deal with electricity. He is "age out" kid already. This year will start independent life. He is not talkative. But Sasha does everything he is told. But this sweet guy does not know where to go after leaving the orphanage... And who knows, whether his dream will come true? He(and his siblings) study in a orphanage for children with special needs. We think and pray. We do not know whether there is an opportunity to help him? Is it real for him?

V. is a kind, quiet and unassuming girl.She is VERY sweet and lovely!This lovely soul is soft and tender as a flower.This beautiful young lady will remain in my heart as a "flower" girl. "V" said that on May 10 she turns 16 years old.She is so dear to me!

G. (on the right) 17 year old guy. Very sweet and smiling. He is kind and quiet boy. He and his sister are in one class/grade.The 18 October he will be 18 years old.

Do you know that the "flower" girl and her brother "G"(on the right) are available for adoption? I do not know all details of International adoption. Here is "V" info on Ukrainian site.Sad.Very little. Here is G. info. But on the picture there the brother of "flower" girl does not look like he is, as for me.But it probably is too late for "G" to be adopted by foreigners? Only by Ukrainians.

They were brought to the orphanage after extreme neglect by their mother, in early childhood.Since that time they have not seen her. They do not even know or she is still alive. One worker said, Oh, how hard these kids will be, after they leave of orphanage! This even more broke our hearts as we know reality. :(

These kids are SO talented!
This lovely girl embroiders very beautiful, neat and so diligent! I love to embroider too. :) But she works just amazing and I was struck by her ability and neatly. She embroiders on the lessons,  at recess, when goes rest, another word always that make herself busy and maybe find comfort in this.

This, so small ship,  G. made by himself and presented to bro. Misha. Isn't amazing this precious guy?Brother Misha was so humbled and said this gift is very special and so dear for him. Since this day our pastor keeps and carries this precious gift with himself everywhere :)  

My plea and prayer today is...Maybe... Maybe someone will want to support "V", this beautiful and tender flower? She is a little hidden girl. Maybe someone will want to show your love for her that she could open up completely in all her beauty. She is often sad. Perhaps, someone will want by your care and attention to bring joy to the girl and see the smile on her face. Maybe someone will want to support even whole family? They are GOLD! Trust me.

When we talked with these guys. The sweetheart admitted to us . When she was told that someone came to her, she was scared a little and on the way all the time was thinking, who it could be. After all, NO ONE EVER in her life came to her personally! Oh, my! When we said that only came to her, and not the entire orphanage . ( Before we saw her brothers ). She was astonished and surprised.
At the end of the meeting with them, she still could understand. She approached to Nadya and asked. But why you came only to me? Why you came only to me but not to someone else? It was clearly visible that she was greatly amazed :)

My desire is that this beautiful girl would  see and feel that she is NOT ALONE and that she LOVED by the Lord. You should have seen their glowing eyes, when they got a packages of sweets ! The "flower" girl and her brothers were so pleased and heartily thanked . Maybe someone wants to show God's love and care for this girl and her brothers???

On the way home after our meeting with these precious kids, I wanted  cry. I hardly kept my tears.My heart was absolutely broken for these souls and my heart aches till today. Will we do something in their life of these brokenhearted?


  1. So wished there was something I could do for these little lovies! Will pray faithfully that God will work a wonderous miricle for these young ones! Much love from northern Minnesota, USA
    -Sarah Cymbaluk-
    E-Mail: sarah.cymbaluk@gmail.com

    1. So thankful for your kindness, lovely comment and prayers. It is such encouragement knowing someone will pray with us for them!And thanks for your love!

  2. We would love to encourage this girl...help her in some way...I'll send a private e-mail to ask specific questions. Thanks for telling us about this little family.

    1. Thank you, Carole!We got the email and will reply very soon.

  3. If you could find a Christian family in Ukraine to adopt these kids then we would love to help raise the funds for them. I tagged you in a link on FB. Please keep us posted.
    In Christ,
    Misty R.

    1. Oh, you are so sweet, Misty! But adoption is free in Ukraine. When I made paperwork, paid nothing for it. Only paid few hrivnas for a some documents.
      Oh, this can be very hard to find a Christian family here. In our oblast, only very few Christian families adopted orphans. Only a miracle can happen!

  4. Praying for a family.
    She looks so sweet...

    1. Yes, she does, nicolesnitselaar.Thanks a lot for prayers!

  5. Praying not only for these brothers and sister, but also for Ukraine this sad day. I hope there will be a rapid return of peace, and that justice and healing will prevail. Please stay safe...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.


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