July 28, 2013

Would you pray for healing please?

We need your support in many prayers, dear Friends.God has made so many miracles in BOM ministry to precious children and personal lives of the team as well.
And now we ask for mercy of the Lord Jesus and miracle in life of a one small 11 years old girl Vlada.She is a sweet and Jesus-loving girl, daughter of Nadya, member of BOM team.

Recently, when this sweetie started complaining of headaches often and fainted. It frightened her loving mother and she decided to visit the doctor together with the kid. The diagnosis was made to this girl, a Maxillary Sinus Cyst of a nose. :(

We never heard about it but here what I have found.

Common Symptoms

Symptoms such as headaches; facial pain, including in a tooth or eye; chronic sinus infection; pressure; and swelling can be experienced if a maxillary sinus cyst grows too large or lies in a sensitive area. These cysts can form near the opening of an ostium, a tube that allows the sinus to drain, and can close off the opening. This causes increased facial pain and swelling because of the prevention of normal drainage.

To diagnose a maxillary sinus cyst, a computed axial tomography (CAT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam is performed. Other testing, such as an electronystagmogram (ENG), which measures eye movement, might be necessary to rule out other causes of the patient's symptoms. In some cases, a doctor might perform an endoscopy, in which a thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera on one end is used to examine the sinuses.

Medical treatments used when a maxillary sinus cyst becomes infected or large enough to cause significant symptoms consist mainly of courses of antibiotics and surgery. Traditionally, open sinus surgery was the only option, bringing the potential for scarring and a long recovery time. The effort to avoid risks such as these has caused endoscopic sinus surgery to grow in popularity. In endoscopic surgery, the entire procedure is done by viewing the image sent from a tiny camera that is inserted through the nostril of the patient. After the cysts is surgically removed, a biopsy might be performed to ensure that it was not cancerous.   Taken from HERE 
 We kindly ask you to pray for completely healing of Vlada.But the greatest problem in that that the doctor can't appoint treatment for Vlada. Because it is necessary to pass completely medical testing. The doctor says that probably it will be necessary to do surgery, but at first it is necessary to do sound medical judgement. It costs huge money. Nadya feels absolutely helpless... As mother, she worries and concern for the daughter, but can't help. Therefore her hope and a trust only on God's mercy. 
"For thou [art] my hope, O Lord GOD: [thou art] my trust from my youth". 
Psalm 71:5(KJV)
Our blog read the majority of mothers, who have their own children. I think, you can understand how Nadia hurts and what her heart feels for the child. Nadya is my best friend.My heart hurts because her heart hurts for her childie.Please, pray that the Lord would bless this sweet girl and provided to her all necessary to do medical testing and doctor appointed treatment to her  or will probably have to do surgery. One God knows...
With the broken heart, we graciously ask you to pray for this situation for this child. If the Lord moves your heart and gives you a wish to show attention, care and God's love to this small precious girl, you can send your blessings through PayPal thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com. Many thanks for all your love and kindness!May God bless you!My love to all!
P.S.Certainly, I will inform, if there are any changes...


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2013

    I am praying along with you,do not be afraid,it shall be well with the child,amen.[Bankole Sam].

    1. Many thanks, Sam!Nadya will be happy to know that someone else praying for her daughter.

  2. Alla, how much does Nadya need for her daughter's treatment?

    1. Lisa, she needs at least $700 for medical testing of Vlada and $200-300 for treatment or surgery, how doctor will say.


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