February 21, 2012

Please, pray for this missionary family

I was going to update about our ministry here in Ukraine.But "accidentally" came to this link and watch this video news.Click here for FoxNews.It breaks my heart.We've never met and we do not know personally this family but my heart aches to hear of their loss small beautiful daughter.This young couple, whom I have never met, were missionaries to Cuba.They had a car accident yesterday.
Oh, how my heart breaks for this family!  There simply are no words to describe it.

Please, pray for this family missionary and cover in many prayers.Please, pray  they feel God`s presence and may He bring them peace and comfort in this difficult time.Our church is lifting them up in prayer and we ask you to do the same.They need our love and prayers like never before.

To leave them a message of condolence, go to their Facebook page here . Leave a message on their website here.

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