September 21, 2011

The sunny and sweet ones

Children came back to study to schools in Ukraine.Schools and any universities begins their work the first of September, it does not matter which a day of the week(except of Sunday).So, orphans came back from their homes to orphanages, continue their education too.Some of them graduated from orphanages already.Some of them got to the orphanage first time ever and they do not know the life there, everything is new for them.The new orphanage skills they need to learn.
It is new beginning in this year for us too.We do not know what will bring it for us, what will happen in future.But we are happy we can continue to visit these kids and bring Gospel to them, bring hope and joy!

So, these sweet kids we did not see during summer time because of holidays.We missed them soooo much!
Last Friday we were able to visit them.A teacher let us know, when they just came back from holidays they asked when we will come to them?or will we visit them again?
Teacher called to us and asked us to come, because children did not give her calm. :)))Anyway we were going to visit them.But when the teacher let us know, it have inflamed our hearts more!
But yes!Can we wait? Is not amazing when someone wait to hear and know more about Jesus?Is not amazing to see and hug them?Is not a blessing to be with them, these sweet and sunny kids? Isn`t a joy to see them smile and happy?

When they saw us.They began to scream "Look at who came!!!" They all began to run to us like bees to honey.We huged one other.They took our bags and helped to carry it.Children pulled our clothes or hands and said:" let`s go, let`s go to a class". It was so sweet!
So,we continue our travelling over Bible histories.Last Bible history they heard about conquering of Jericho.So, we continued the next story about Joshua, of the day when the Sun stood still.

In the beginning we congratulated children who had birthdays in summer.Yes, we know it has gone a lot of time.But is it a problem for an orphan who waits for a gift? Is it a problem for those who never celebrate their birthdays(even at homes) and not recieve gifts?

When we just came into a class, they already began to say who had birthdays in summer!We knew it will happened. :) We took few more gifts than we usually take with ourselves.They already waited for gifts!
Here our sweet ones who had birthdays.They were so glad to recieve a gift!Thank you Sabrina, who blessed orphans with many toys!

When we told to them a Bible history, we used a flannel visualisation.
Also we took several kids, who acted of characters, warriors.And the girl was Sun, who stood still one moment.
They did good job!
After Bible story we learned a Bible verse.When we learned the verse ample well.Children needed to play a ball and say verse in one time.It was real fun for them!They liked to play it!
A craft was very simple at this time.The sun on wooden stick and Bible verse on back of sun.But glitter makes this crafts shining and nice.When children saw it, they said, WOW! You know how children LOVE something shining.
The job of this craft we divided by two parts.
Children colored suns by paint in the beginning.Suns already were pictured on papers.

Until our suns were drying, we could to play a game.We called it,  "Help the sun to shine!"
The sun was pictured on big sheet, without sunbeams.The all sunbeams were numbered.
Children chose a sunbeam they wanted and  answered on question by number was written there.The questions were about history of Joshua.
After that they placed a sunbeam on the sun.
They LOVED so much this game! Especial, placed sunbeams. Sunbeams have sticky tape.It is easy to place on sheet.But the sheet we have covered by usual scotch tape that easy to separate sunbeams and that we will use this game in other orphanages too.And we do not need to make it again and again and again to waste time and material.
Our finished sun.We placed a glitter a little on sunbeams.When is the sun, it shine nice.Children love it!
After this game, children could continue their craft, as it dry up already well.They placed glitter, wooden stick there and pictured eyes and smile of their sun.
Here our sunny ones.Are not they sweet?

We tired a little bit but happy we came back to our homes.We had amazing time with kids and we thankful to Jesus for it and for these wonderful, precious and sunny kids!

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