September 23, 2011

Special day

Yesterday was a special day in our ministry and my personal life too. :)
Because a year ago we have been on conference in Kiev (capital of Ukraine), where were speaking about children with Down Syndrome. This conference has changed our ministry and our personal lives too forever!
I`m exciting much about that! I just am awe-struck by God's amazing timing!I am just awe how our Lord Jesus great, wonderful and amazing God!Only He is admirable alive God!

We received  a HUGE information about children with DS! We are so thankful to Meredith, who a year ago invited us there!

Meredith(on the left), me and Shelly(friend of Meredith).

Today we minister more to children with special needs.Yes, we need to learn sooo MANY things yet!
But we are happy much for what God has made a year ago!It has changed our minds and hearts.God has opened our eyes on sooo MANY things! We just HUGE grateful Him for that!And it is amazing!

If you are interested. Here you read what God made in my personal life.And here what God has made an amazing thing in our ministry!Thank you!God`s blessings to you!

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As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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