November 26, 2010

The Babel tower

   How many people in the world try to glorify themselves, but not the living God their Creator? How many people in the world use different methods to glorify their name, but not God who has created the sky, the earth and all that has been given to us for pleasure?

    Today God gave us the chance to tell the children in an orphanage the Bible story about the tower of Babel. We did not have pictures to show them, so we found cardboard boxes and the children tried to imagine people of that time constructing the tower of Babel. We had the opportunity to teach them a new song, The Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower. We taught the children that when difficulties come to their lives, they can take cover only in the tower of the Lord. Only He can help and protect them. As we spoke with them, we played games. At the end of the lesson, we made a craft tower which will remind them of this meeting.

   The majority of the children aren’t able to read and write, even though they are 9-12 years old. This orphanage is for mentally disabled children. We try to teach them a Bible verse or a Bible truth each time we visit. During this visit, the craft included a Bible memory verse from James 4:6 "God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble."


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