November 19, 2010

Bible Class in an orphanage

   How beautiful it is to see the lovely faces of these children again! The Lord gave us the chance to have a Bible class in a K. orphanage. Each of the children runs toward us so that we will embrace them or pat them on the head. This is so important for the children! They are deprived of attention and care from parents. It is important to tell the orphans that we love them and that the reason we come again and again is because of our love for them. But Jesus loves them even more because He has given His life for each of them!
   We had a wonderful time! Today we were able to speak again about God’s love for them and for sinners throughout the world. We learned a new song, played developmental games and games about a Bible story. At the end of the lesson, we made crafts. The children were very happy!
   We are so glad to spend time with these children! We are also thankful each time God gives us the opportunity to see these kids again and spend time communicating and talking about the Lord Jesus Christ’s love for us!


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