November 20, 2010

How orphans live

         Many orphanages are struggling for the most basic 
        needs of food, clothes, medicine and many other. 
               Every orphanage has difference needs. 
              Here are few photos shows orphans life.



Many orphans are malnourished and need medical care.Poor diet and health problems are a common for orphans.

This is a building what belongs to orphanage.



We have orphanages regularly ask who need help in vital areas. They need repair some buildings, roofs of buildings and improve the childrens bath/toilet facilities and etc.



 Orphans don't receive any Birthday presents, celebration, or the care they need.






storage for shoes


The storage for clothes. Orphans often have very worn  out clothes and shoes. It is a real need and joy for these children to get new clothes.



 In the winter, most hands cold and many of the children need new jackets, sweaters and coats. Most are wearing their coats in the building.


Warm blankets needed for orphans in cold climates, who sometimes have to sleep under simple blanket.



                                                              no hot water and no light at bathroom



                                                 Shoes are one of the Big Needs for Orphans.  
                                              Their shoes often have holes, as in picture, 
                                               or are too small and hurt their feet.



  1. I've read an article about a missionary on he was able to cope the challenges of having homes for the aged and orphans. What he did was to share what he do and let the world know that there is a place for the needy and then the blessings starts coming in. You can try it too.

  2. Thank you!It is what we trying to do.:)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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