June 2, 2017

He is free...

We are grieving these days with our brother in Christ Misha, who has lost his brother few days ago... 

Andriy was homeless often and he got sick with TB a while ago. Few days ago his brother Misha called us and asked to pray for Andriy because he was dying... He was so very bad. We were horrified to hear this news because we knew this young guy and we know how awful this sickness. How many lives it took away... It was heartbreaking to see how Misha suffered, worry and feel about his brother. He did the best he could.
Both boys are orphans, there are no parents, no relatives, not even friends. Sadly, we don`t have Andriy`s photo. His brother is working, but these funds were not enough to feed both and pay rent for housing.
Misha is in a gray T-shirt on the photo in the cemetery burying his brother 

Andriy could no longer get out of bed for several days, he coughed with blood, had very low blood pressure, he was very pale and very skinny. He was very sick with an open form of TB... Misha called an ambulance 4 times. All refused to take the young guy to the hospital, saying that there was no point because he was dying, he had a few days or hours left... Can you imagine what felt and think both guys at that moment??? Alone, without support and abandoned to the mercy of fate... Is this fair?
The next day poor guy was finally taken to the hospital. Doctors did X-ray, all the necessary tests. But unfortunately he passed away the next day... :(((

BOM helped with funds to help Misha take his brother to the last path. Andrei lived on so much poverty that there was not even shoes to bury him ... 

Some years ago, when Andrew came to church, he looked and was dressed awfully. Pastor Misha was so sad and could not look at him. He took off his shoes and gave it to Andrei. It was just one and last pair of shoes that our pastor had. Later when we met Andrew he said. I was so ashamed, I felt terrible, but no one helped me, only you pastor took off your shoes and gave it to me. And Andrew started to cry... It touched our hearts and gave a good lesson. Sometimes we do not see the result at once, but God works in the hearts of people.

We feel heartbreaking and very sad these days... How many orphans did not live up to 30 years old? BOM knows not one situation that orphans do not live to this age dying completely alone ...

But at same time we celebrate victory in Jesus! We are so grateful to everyone, who prayed for Andrew these days. We published early on facebook. But God had another plan. Andriy is FREE! He no longer feels pain, he has no tears, he is not alone, but with his Lord and Savior! The day before his death, he received Jesus Christ as his Savior! Praise God!!!Now he rests in the Heaven with his Heavenly Father and is comforted under His wing of love. Now Andriy enjoys the presence of God and everything heartbreaking and terrifying is behind.

We are so thankful to everyone, who blessed the young guy Misha to help him bury his brother showing him love and console in these heavy days... We are so thankful for sweet notes of love you left for Misha on facebook. He saw how many people around the world praying for him and he is NOT alone! He cried when we read notes... He said, it is so important for him at these difficult time... We try do not leave Misha alone and take him everywhere it is possible...Thank you very much for all your Christian love and care!

Here is a short video of Misha's thanks for prayers and financial support. He feels your prayers. :) He shocked that his brother has gone so fast. He grieves and at same time has peace in heart. And he is happy that he will meet his brother in the Heaven some day.

What Misha says:"Dear friends, thank you for your help and prayers. I felt very strongly that you were praying for me for my brother. Thank you friends for your financial help. And thanks for the prayers again! It's very hard to talk for me now. Friends, thank you for everything! Amen."


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2017

    So much sadness for this young man - I am thankful that his faith is strong, and that he has the loving friendship and support of BOM as he grieves his brother. Misha will remain in my prayers, along with everyone at BOM.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2017

    The very best news is that Andriy is with JESUS! I'm so thankful he received our Lord! That was our greatest prayer! Lord You are so wonderful! Thank You for comforting Misha. God, please bless him in every way so he can fulfill the plan You have for his life. God bless you all!

    Julie from FL

    1. Dear Julie, we are so thankful for your prayers! Yes, praise God Andriy is with Jesus!May God bless you too!


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