June 5, 2017

Another wonderful project is done!

We are so excited that weeks ago we have done one more wonderful project!Yay!

What an incredible meetings we have with all graduates that days! Wow!

 It was so beautiful, sweet, heartwarming and sad at same time. We shared parting words in God's word, presented Bibles and photos.

We have many photos in archive when we together spent time during Bible lessons. So, it was nice surprise for them  :) Oh, how they were excited!!! It was so sweet to observe how they were thrilled to see themselve so small years ago. ♥

The young people laughted and pointed at their pictures showing to each other. Love their expressions! We hope it will help them to see how they are special and beautiful. We also hope it will help them to remember great and sweet moments and stay in their hearts forever.

Now they became beautiful young man and woman and it is sad they growing up so fast...😔 In the end we presented kitchen utensils and blankets.

They were so happy and thankful! Praise God!!!

But how everyone was delighted when they saw the little Yaroslav, Nadya's son! Everyone carried him in their arms, they played. Each of the girls wanted to drive him in the stroller. In general, Yaroslav had many beautiful nannies that days. 👶 All these children are so beautiful and they so lack a simple communication, a kind word, a strong embrace and a loving gaze. They are hunger of fellowship! All the children in every orphanage asked us, "When we will be graduates, will you bring us such gifts as well?" Lovely and so very precious children... ♥
These are all children from very poor and disadvantaged families.They all return for the summer holidays to families where alcohol, hunger, violence, murder and much more...

Sweet young people... 

Praying God will give us chance and oportunity to keep in touch with these young souls. We will miss them a lot!

The Last Bell ceremony :)

We are so thankful who blessed many beautiful young people with such wonderful gifts! 👍♥

Thank you for not only cover their needs but bring so much joy and happiness!

Thank you very much on behalf of these lovely boys and girls!Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity!!! ♥

Enjoy a short video from one of the orphanages :)

Many graduates afraid to leave orphanage... Please, remember them in your daily prayers!👏

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