October 10, 2014

"The most amazing day in my life"

"The most amazing day in my life..." these are words some of orphaned kid, who spent a day with BOM few days ago.

A few days ago we took out 8 and 9 classes/grades(over 30 people) and had stunning picnic! Kids were SO happy!Wow! I can not find words describe you HOW they were overjoyed and pretty excited!!!

We had a Bible time. We played badminton, football(soccer) and many different so funny and amusing games.

Children learned how to use and shoot with bow. They have been amazed! "Is it real bow?", they asked. :)

Well. There was a long line! As everyone wanted to try!

One of our favorite game ;)


There were so much fun, joy and new wonderful friends! Many of them said at the end, "Please, come to see us every day. Take us out 7.00 morning and we come back at 10.00 pm". :) So priceless!

Those all beautiful children wanted to help with the lunch! How sweet.

Then at the end we fed children.

They all were so hungry. So, just in moment there was nothing! :)

It was breathtaking and fabulous day! It so deeply touched my heart, when an one girl prayed and thanked God for nice friends(BOM) who remember, love and bless them ♥

When we came back to the orphanage. Many precious souls have run to us and started to ask hundreds questions. "When you will take us for picnic? Please!" "I will wait till 9 grade that you take us for picnic" "You will come everyday to see us?" "When you come back again?" "When we will have picnic again?" "It was the best day in my life" and so on so on...

Oh, my! Incredible! They all are so so sweet! I would come every day there!As always it's hard to leave them...

We are so humbled and so grateful for so many different beautiful blessings to brother Daniel Scott from US and his generous community! I wish would thank everyone personally. ♥


  1. What a lovely gift for these childrens !

    I wonder if things have improved at Zehnia's house... ;)

    1. Yes, Nicole! Most of the work is done at Zhenya`s house! We are so happy they stay warm and safe! I will update as soon as possible.


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